Multi-Channel Multi-Device Platform-as-a-Service

Powerful Enterprise Mobile Cloud Software to Accelerate Your Mobility StrategyFreedom Apps and Freedom Platform

appsFreedom is a leading provider of Multi-Channel Multi-Device Platform-as-a-Service for SAP that enables companies and their employees to achieve ‘Workplace Freedom’. appsFreedom drives business productivity with the Freedom Platform and its pre-built, ready-to-use Freedom App templates, which empower enterprises to design, collaborate, build, deploy, manage, analyze and run mobile apps across all smartphones, tablets and modern browsers. appsFreedom brings the ease and portability of mobile devices to the robust world of enterprise and business systems. Now users across the company and around the globe can quickly and securely transact in SAP anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The award-winning appsFreedom solution consists of:

  • Freedom Platform: enterprise-grade multi-channel multi-device platform to easily design, collaborate, build, deploy, manage and analyze apps across a variety of channels, including smartphones, tablets and browsers
  • Freedom App Templates: pre-integrated and ready-to-use app templates for key business functions including sales and operations that are deployed in a matter of days

The appsFreedom solution is offered in a simple per-user subscription-based pricing model so you can develop business specific apps and go mobile fast to optimize value like never before.

Secure for the Enterprise, Simple for Every User

appsFreedom Enterprise Mobile Cloud Software

The appsFreedom solution provides enhanced security features with dual password protection and single sign-on access to all apps. Since no data is stored on the devices, the solution meets corporate security and audit requirements while still being easy to launch and update in conjunction with scheduled upgrades and technology system roll-outs.

  • Single sign-on
  • Secure data channels
  • Transient cloud model (no business data stored in the cloud)
  • Independent and secure tenant
  • Secure and encrypted communications
  • Leverage SAP roles and authorizations
  • Available in public and private cloud offerings

Big Benefits, Flexible Platform

  • FAST deployment in just two-to-four weeks
  • MINIMIZE I.T. costs, capital budgets and skill gaps
  • ZERO SAP development or configuration required
  • PaaS model with simple user-based pricing
  • MATURE cloud-based MADP
  • LIGHT, yet robust footprint
  • SINGLE, secure and scalable infrastructure
  • LOW RISK and quick, easy entry

Mobility for Users Across the Company

Develop your own app using the Freedom Platform or select from an array of Freedom App templates.

  • salesFreedom–fully functional, on-the-go CRM empowers sales reps with instant access to manage activities, leads and opportunities; update customer records or view sales analytics.
  • operationsFreedom™– access and manage purchase requisitions, purchase orders, shopping carts, goods receipts, time sheets, HR forms and contracts with ease and all in real-time to remove bottlenecks and speed everyday operations activities.

Fast to Deploy, Easy to Manage

appsFreedom was built from the ground-up for SAP by SAP experts, is pre-integrated into SAP, and requires no system configuration or development whatsoever (even with your SAP customizations in place!). So whether you’re rolling out our Freedom Apps, building and deploying your own custom apps – or both – appsFreedom offers a complete solution to plan, execute and manage your enterprise-wide mobility strategy.

Solution Highlights

Platform Features

  • Visual Drag-n-Drop development
  • Build-Once, Run-Everywhere on all smartphones, tablets and modern browsers
  • Breaks the SAP API Barrier; Mobile-Enable any SAP asset in minutes
  • Real-time collaboration between developers and Business users during app development
  • Mobile Analytics; Get your BI Dashboards on-the-go
  • Multi-language enabled for business users as well as developers
  • Online and Offline apps
  • Corporate app stores
  • Native push notifications from SAP
  • App adoption and usage reports

Secure, Robust and Scalable

  • Mature Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)
  • Highly scalable and redundant infrastructure
  • Single sign-on
  • No business data storage in the cloud
  • Secure and encrypted communications
  • Leverage SAP roles and authorizations
  • Public and Private cloud offerings

Fast, Productive and Cost Effective

  • Ready-to-use app templates
  • Rollout apps in two-to-four weeks
  • No additional development skills required
  • No licenses (Platform-as-a-Service model)
  • Simple per-user subscription-based pricing model
  • Enables incremental adoption; Add Apps and Users at any time
  • Low risk and easy to get started

Ready to Talk?

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