Model-Driven, Agile Platform-as-a-Service

Built for Non-Programmers to build Mobile or Web Apps in 5 daysFreedom Apps and Freedom Platform

appsFreedom™ is the leading provider of a Model-Driven, Agile Platform-as-a-Service, enabling non-programmers to easily build Mobile and Web apps, fully integrated to IT’s core applications in 5 days or less. appsFreedom drives business productivity by delivering ‘Workplace Freedom’ for employees, through the Freedom Platform to collaborate, build, deploy and run apps in a multi-channel, multi-device environment with a simple user-based subscription model. Apps are built once and deployed for all devices in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. Global companies across the industry spectrum rely on appsFreedom for the highest ROI in the marketplace.

Deliver at the Pace of Business

appsFreedom Enterprise Mobile Cloud Software

The Freedom Platform is the first and only, Mobile-First Platform-as-a-Service that is designed and built for non-programmers (E.g. Business Analysts, Project Managers, IT Architects, Tech-Savvy Business users, etc) to build complete, production-ready Mobile and Web Apps, without a need to write any code.

The Freedom Platform provides a business focussed, drag-n-drop environment for anyone to create mobile and/or web apps, fully integrated to IT’s core enterprise applications (like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, etc) in hours and days.

Big Benefits, Flexible Platform

IT Departments across various industries benefit from using the Freedom Platform by -

  • Able to respond to business requests 3X faster
  • Leverage non-programmers in IT and business domains to create solutions without a need for programming
  • Extend core IT systems like ERP, CRM etc into Mobile and Web in hours and days
  • 3X productivity improvement
  • Reduce burden on already constrained IT
  • Reduce the IT backlog of business requests and projects in weeks

Fast to Deploy, Easy to Manage

The Freedom Platform is built from the ground-up for non-programmers by Industry experts. The Freedom Platform can be configured and integrated to on-premise or cloud enterprise application in hours and days. The Freedom Platform supports the complete App Development Lifecycle Management cycle and offers a complete solution to plan, execute and manage your enterprise-wide mobility strategy.

Ready to Talk?

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