Powerful Apps for SAP Help Speed Everyday Operations Activities

operationsFreedom apps for SAPoperationsFreedomLet operationsFreedom™ breathe new life and efficiency into everyday tasks with secure, anytime access to SAP. Now users across key back office functions — such as Procurement, Human Resources and Field Services — can manage daily activities with ease from smart

phones and tablet devices. That means your whole team can stay just as productive on the go as they are from the office, without losing any of the power or intelligence they need from your enterprise system.

All operationsFreedom apps are synchronized from the desktop using gadgets and widgets to any mobile device on anyFreedom_to_choose_Image platform, including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and many more.

Simple alerts and notifications keep users current with workflows and next steps to remove bottlenecks and help keep business moving forward faster.


  • Enterprise mobility delivered as a service using cloud-computing technology
  • User-deployment time in hours and days, not weeks and months
  • 100% user adoption with intuitive interface design
  • Offline capability for lost connectivity
  • User personalization


  • Shopping Cart/Approvals – Manage and procure stock material, consumable material, and services.
  • Purchase Order/Requisition Management – View, edit and approve purchase orders and requisitions in real-time.
  • Purchase Order Creation  Create new purchase orders in real-time.
  • Contract Approvals – View, edit and approve vendor, customer and other contracts.
  • Goods Receipt – Process inventory receipt transactions referencing the purchase order.
  • Time Management – Enter, submit and accurately manage timesheets for remote and field service employees.


  • Intuitive User Interface – Easily access tasks and features with a simple, user-friendly design and multi-level screens.
  • One-Touch Conference Call – Setup an instant conference call with your colleagues based on business events.
  • Personalization – Set-up custom skins and themes, and enable field level personalization to enhance user experience.