Improve profit margins for field service organizations with mobile apps

Unlike their office-based counterparts, field service organizations are intrinsically dynamic. The fact that employees are constantly on the move calls for an entirely different approach when it comes to maximizing productivity.

If you want to minimize unnecessary costs and increase the profit margins of your field service business, mobile apps are a must utilize tool. Here’re some of the key ways they’ll take your bottom line to the next level.

Assign work efficiently

There’s no faster way to waste resources than by taking an inefficient approach to assigning work. When you send two separate employees to complete two jobs in the ZIP postcode you’re wasting time, fuel and wages. Mobile apps can be used to ensure that all jobs are assigned according to geographic location. Trust us, your fuel budgets are guaranteed to drop when you take ZIP codes into account.

Improve your ‘first-time fix’ rate

As field services are generally carried out by a one or two-person team it’s important to send the right employee for the job. Use mobile apps to categorize employees by skill sets, and make sure that all jobs are assigned to a person with the right inventory, tools, and knowledge. Getting it right the first time will boost customer satisfaction, augment safety and minimize costs.

Mobile enable MRO processes

When it comes to field service organizations it’s essential that fleet vehicles, tools, and other equipment are kept in mint condition. Without it, productivity grinds to a halt. For businesses wanting to maintain paramount productivity, mobile apps are an invaluable tool. They can be used to schedule routine maintenance, identify any concerning performance patterns and ensure that all machinery is kept in full working order.

Customize mobile apps to fit individual needs

Every field service organization is different, which means the needs of field service technicians will vary from business to business. Custom-built apps allow you to personalize features and functions to fit the individual requirements of your business.

Enhance the customer experience

Apps offer field service businesses an array of benefits, all of which directly translate into a better customer experience. This means repeat business and ongoing profits for your organization.

For more information on how you can boost your profit margins in 2016, give us a call today. Our friendly team of customer service experts are always on hand to chat about how pre-integrated, ready to use app templates can help your IT department create bespoke field service solutions at lighting fast speeds.