appsFreedom for

Oil & Gas

The Challenge

The biggest challenge that the Oil & Gas Industry faces today in digitizing its field operations is the inability to sync its exponentially growing operational data with core back-end systems due to lack of consistent network availability from their geographically-distributed operating fields.

According to IDC Energy, a major competitive advantage for companies in oil and gas will be the ability to draw value from innovative technologies and data assets that connect the front and back office. Hence, the connectivity of resources, operations and people is imperative to optimize production and minimize downtimes.

O&G Companies must –

Digitize upstream, midstream and downstream business processes up to the last mile
Be data driven by being connected to even the most remote field operator and
Have seamless integration between different platforms and technologies in the field and back office operations.

appsFreedomTM addresses and solves these challenges by

Process Digitization

Digitization of up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream processes to provide on-demand intelligence, improved information flow, and increased field-force productivity.

On-Time Data

Reduction in process cycle time by speeding up data capture during repetitive or time-consuming activities such as rounds, inspections, repairs, and calibrations.

The sophisticated offline mode of Freedom apps helps remotely located operators to populate their company’s information-driven systems with the data on-time such that executives can make informed decisions and confirm to regulatory compliance. This brings major payoffs in labor costs, customer satisfaction, and product quality.


Connecting remote extraction fields with front office through handheld data capture and IoT powered instruments while providing deep & seamless integration to industry-specific enterprise systems.

Pre-Built Apps

appsFreedom provides pre-built, ready-to-go app templates with sophisticated offline capabilities, that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet specific business needs

These app templates are purpose built for specific business roles but can also be configured to meet unique business needs including backend integration to core IT applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and others. All App templates are built on the award winning appsFreedom platform.

Control More Processes with appsFreedom

    • Process Order Management
    • Cycle Counting
    • Procure to Pay
    • Exploration & Production
    • Asset Management
    • Plant Performance
    • Transportation & Storage