Why appsFreedom

what sets us apart

The appsFreedom Platform gives you the complete freedom to digitize your mission critical business processes to the last mile in 1/3rd of the time with 1/3rd of the resources
appsFreedom is the only mobile & IoT platform designed and built ground-up to  empower Field personnel working in remote locations, without guaranteed or reliable connectivity.

Patented Platform

appsFreedom is a patented technology Platform that digitizes complex business processes through enterprise grade apps that have a high adoption and success rate

Fast & Efficient

The only Platform where you can digitize your mission critical business processes in 1/3rd of the time with 1/3rd of the resources

Advanced offline capabilities

Sophisticated offline/online mobile apps to execute your mission-critical business processes in the field

No programming required

Design, build and deploy mobile apps on all devices with Little-to-NO programming

Enterprise level integration

Native integration to your core IT business systems including legacy systems

Fully customizable

Unparalleled flexibility, usability, a comprehensive product roadmap and unprecedented speed of delivery

End to end Services

Knowledgeable & experienced professional services that can be implemented in a very short period

Comprehensive Support

Exhaustive training and excellent support services to bring your team up-to speed on maintaining the platform & develop new apps