About Us

The product

The appsFreedom Platform is a Cloud-native, Mobile / IoT Custom App Generator Platform To digitize remote field operations Up-to the last mile, On any smart-phone or Tablet, with little-to-no programming required.
The Company

We are continuously solving complex, real-world business challenges by integrating user-experience, creativity and innovation with mobility driven solutions.

Our Vision

Enable organizations to digitize their business processes, very quickly, with minimal effort.

Our Mission

To Digitize every business processes in the World.

We are a team of highly passionate technologists and business experts working to create opportunities to increase business productivity and give freedom to organizations for controlling their processes, actions & outcomes. We have decades of business & technology deployment experience across Fortune 500 companies and technology startups alike.


Focus on growth and innovations / enhancements to the platform


Platform launch for Industry verticals; focus on mobile-enabling field personnel in remote locations with no connectivity

Large global Customers (US & International) sign-up

Patent received from USPTO for the first cloud-based model-driven mobile platform for mission-critical business applications

400% revenue growth since the full-roadmap product launch


Model-driven platform with sophisticated Off-line capabilities launched (Full-roadmap product launch)

Red Herring Global Top 100 Companies award

Large customers on-board for the Offline capabilities to mobile-enable mission-critical field operations


Model-driven platform (With no coding) launch

Red Herring North America Top 100 Companies award

Pilot customers launch on the new Model-driven platform


App development platform launch

appsFreedom wins Arizona Innovation Challenge

appsFreedom named Top 20 most promising Enterprise Mobility company by CIO Review

appsFreedom takes Bronze for the “Best New Product of the Year” in the International Software Product category