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The Challenge

One of the biggest challenge that agriculture faces today is adoption of new technologies to increase farm-level productivity.

As agriculture sector is getting more mechanized and industrial in nature, challenges pertaining to production, insurance, marketing, supply chain, packaging, distribution, etc. are getting bigger and more complex.

The stakeholders in the agriculture sector like farmers, field workers, agricultural technicians, researchers, and testers are increasingly looking towards the role of field mobility & technology to –

Digitize farm management processes and data collection to the last mile
Being connected to the remote farms in the agro-supply chain in real time and
Having seamless integration between different systems & technologies in the office and on the field.

appsFreedomTM addresses and solves these challenges by

Process Digitization

Digitization of crop production cycle & reporting process to enable producers to accumulate and transmit planting and yield data by electronic means.

On-Time Data

Ability to supervise agricultural technicians or farm laborers remotely even with limited connectivity through Freedom apps. Allow automation of work management, Field inspection, Stock control and Livestock tagging & management.


Connecting the whole farm through handheld data capture and IoT powered vehicles such as tractors, farm truck etc. benefits the farmer in form of excellent value & cost savings.

Pre-Built Apps

appsFreedom provides pre-built, ready-to-go app templates with sophisticated offline capabilities, that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet specific business needs

These app templates are purpose built for specific business roles but can also be configured to meet unique business needs including backend integration to core IT applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and others. All App templates are built on the award winning appsFreedom platform.

Control More Processes with appsFreedom

    • Warehouse & Inventory Management
    • Livestock Management
    • Storage & Distribution
    • Equipment Cleanout
    • Disease Management
    • Field and Harvest Management
    • Quality Inspections
    • Breeding
    • Seeding