Consulting services for business

App deployment services

appsFreedom provides consulting services to its clients to help them mobilize mission critical processes and drive innovation & change

We help our clients outline and formulate their mobility strategy

Critical Evaluation of Business Processes that need to be digitized
Cost Analysis & calculation of technology investments
Assessment of business-to-IT delivery alignment
Sizing up the economics of multi-channel deployments

We help our clients create a implementation roadmap for digitization if their processes

Designing & creating Multi-Channel implementation programs
Improving process performance,  predictability and visibility
Sustain the speed of development continuum
Reduce transformational burden

Platform training

appsFreedom provides continuous and comprehensive training modules for  business users, developers, and system administrators. We offer training and certifications to maximize the benefits of appsFreedom platform and help businesses digitize their processes seamlessly
Maximize the value of appsFreedom Platform

Whether your people need training, technical support for release upgrades, or other platform services, we’re here to help.

Make the most of web conferencing/classroom training

On-site or live online, our workshops help your faculty and staff develop a strong foundation of functional knowledge to support your implementation of the appsFreedom platform.

Master the ins and outs of appsFreedom platform

Our online courses enable your systems administrators and developers to fortify and document their knowledge at their own pace, wherever and whenever they choose.