appsFreedom for construction

The Challenge -

The construction industry faces complex challenges related to productivity, profitability, performance, labor and sustainability.

Companies employed in either mega-scale projects or in multiple small-scale projects face typical problems regarding speed, safety & scale. The success of any construction project depends of the effective collaboration of numerous sub-business groups like developers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and field workers. This makes project management more complex and less transparent.

For maximizing profitability while maintaining quality, staying on schedule and doing it all with the highest level of safety, the Construction Companies must –

Improve workflow, increase speed & efficiency by digitizing processes

Being connected to workforce in remote construction sites and track activities from material availability to quality & safety and

Having seamless integration between different systems & technologies from the construction sites to the back-office and supply-chain vendors.

appsFreedom™ addresses and solves these challenges by

Digital transformation

Digitize mission-critical business processes, up-to-the Last Mile, including remote locations with little-to-no connectivity.

Digitize processes swiftly with minimal effort.

Integrate operating sites

Integrate remote operating sites with back-office operations without a dependency on network availability.

Gather near real-time visibility and intelligence from operating sites.

Improve employee efficiency

Generate composite user-centric experiences which improves field operator’s efficiency.

Bring the “Online experience” in an “Offline mode” thus, boosting employee productivity without a dependency on network availability.

Pre-built apps

appsFreedom provides pre-built, ready-to-go app templates with sophisticated offline capabilities, that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet specific business needs

These app templates are purpose built for specific business roles but can also be configured to meet unique business needs including backend integration to core IT applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and others. All App templates are built on the award winning appsFreedom platform.


Customer Master

Field Inspection – Field Services

Field Inspection – Quality Control

Goods Issue – Field Services

Goods Issue – Logistics

Goods Issue – Warehouse Management

Goods Movement – Field Services

Goods Movement – Logistics

Goods Movement – Warehouse Management

Goods Receipt – Field Services

Goods Receipt – Logistics

Goods Receipt – Warehouse Management

Inventory Manager – Field Services

Inventory Manager – Quality Control

Inventory Manager – Warehouse Management

Maintenance / Repair Work Order

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Quality Control

Material Traceability – Warehouse Management

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Master Data