appsFreedom for logistics

The Challenge -

The goal for logistics and distribution providers is on-time delivery within capacity constraints and full transparency of orders.

However inefficiencies from lack of visibility, high costs, inventory inaccuracies, low productivity of field operators, inappropriate scheduling, dynamic economic rate, changing regulations, and unplanned events plague many supply-chain and logistics companies.

To beat competition and meet high customer expectations, Logistics and Distribution providers must –

Digitize business processes upto the last mile

Be data driven by being connected to drivers even in the most remote locations and

Have seamless integration between different technologies being used in the field and on the business side.

appsFreedom™ addresses and solves these challenges by

Process digitalization

Digitization of processes for logistics and reverse logistics, fleet maintenance, driver management, fuel monitoring, communication management, package tracking, route planning etc., till the last mile.

On-time data

On-Time availability of data even from the most remote field operations to enable accurate dispatch & scheduling, better vehicle tracking & locating, building routes based on network drive times and distance.


Driving better driver productivity, fleet maintenance, error free documentation , paperless transactions, automation of timesheets, invoice, & reporting and load management.

Pre-built apps

appsFreedom provides pre-built, ready-to-go app templates with sophisticated offline capabilities, that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet specific business needs

These app templates are purpose built for specific business roles but can also be configured to meet unique business needs including backend integration to core IT applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and others. All App templates are built on the award winning appsFreedom platform


Customer Master

Direct Store Delivery

Goods Issue – Field Services

Goods Issue – Logistic

Goods Issue – Warehouse Management

Goods Movement – Field Services

Goods Movement – Logistics

Goods Movement – Warehouse Management

Goods Receipt – Field Services

Goods Receipt – Logistics

Goods Receipt – Warehouse Management

Inventory Manager – Field Services

Inventory Manager – Quality Control

Inventory Manager – Warehouse Management

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Quality Control

Mobile Inspection

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Master Data

Order Capture

PO Approval

Material Traceability – Master Data

Material Traceability – Master Data