10 Best Apps for Mobilizing Logistics and Supply Chain Management

You have already seen an overview of the Benefits of Mobility in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in our previous blog. It talked about why you should rely on mobile apps to optimize your logistics and supply chain department.

It’s now time to dig in some deep and list down appsFreedom’s Top 10 apps for mobilizing logistics and supply chain management! Let’s check out the benefits of each of those apps and why you should consider it.

Material Traceability

Material Traceability app connects multiple departments along the supply chain, including sales, production, quality, and redistribution. It reduces errors and generates reliable data for all. This minimizes uncertainty and confusion during the material supply procedure. An aura of customer trust and confidence can be maintained through the material traceability app.

Goods Movement

Streamline the movement of goods within a warehouse or across warehouses effortlessly with the Goods Movement mobile app. Get real-time insights into the goods movement procedures to eliminate costly errors. Enhance the product flow to improve efficiency with the Goods Movement app.

Goods Issue

Goods Issue enables you to allocate the available stock to a process order, work order, reservation, or cost center. It offers real-time traceability into who has issued what stock and where. With Goods Issue mobile app, you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the warehouse office. It’s just done there and then!

Goods Receipt

Reduce the risk of human error and accurately record what has been delivered to your warehouse directly on a mobile with a goods receipt app. It provides real-time updates of inbound goods and materials. The Goods Receipt mobile app effectively streamlines the procurement management process!

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager empowers you to enhance productivity, lower costs, and optimize your supply chain proficiently. It increases availability and avoids downtime, enabling precise tracking and paperless management of inventory. With Inventory Manager offering a 360-degree view of the inventory across the supply chain, make quick and accurate decisions!

PO Approval

Streamline and accelerate your procurement process with PO Approval. It enables you to approve purchase orders instantly on the mobile and ensures quick release of the PO document thus enhancing productivity. Accelerate decision making by approving, rejecting, and delegating quickly by reviewing the required information.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog allows managers to view the product details in a simple user-experience and in real-time. It streamlines supply chain and enhances the overall productivity. It eliminates manual data filing of each product and thus human errors. It offers information on all the products whether online or offline!

Order Capture

Streamline the sales process by centralizing access to product, pricing, and customer information from a single order page with Order Capture. Orders can be created quickly and easily with a minimal number of clicks. Increase sales productivity with Order Capture by avoiding rework and errors during order process!

Store Return

Store return offers complete real-time data visibility in reverse logistics through updates on return goods pickup from stores and warehouses. It is a cost-effective processing platform that automates reverse pickup to shorten reimbursement times.

Direct Store Delivery

It syncs load planning, routes, and driver settlement processes with warehousing and accounting functions to deliver with precision and perfection. It improves product placement and in-stock levels in stores. Deliver better service and drive higher sales with the Direct Store Delivery mobile app!

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