3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mobile Inventory Management App

Going mobile has revolutionized enterprise inventory management. Most companies have either already mobilized or are actively working on a solution to go mobile.

The benefits of developing mobile inventory management apps for asset-intensive businesses are numerous. Corporations who are slow to adopt mobile technology into their systems are not only losing a competitive advantage, they are also losing revenue on out-dated workflows and processes.

Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Inventory Management

As noted, the benefits of mobilizing both in ROI and lower margins are numerous. In fact, any company can come up with several critical benefits of being able to mobilize their EAM software.

At appsFreedom, we’ve had many clients come to us seeking a mobile solution to their inventory management software. We’ve helped clients build mobile apps for inventory management, and setup integration for an SAP inventory management app for mobile devices.

We’ve found three common benefits that always result in a positive impact for our clients. In this article, we’ll discuss those benefits and explain how they could have a major positive impact on your business.

1. Improved Efficiency and Lower Margins

When it comes to managing inventory, a lot of the expenses drain into man hours and inefficient processes. Mobilizing inventory management effectively minimizes most of the time-consuming processes involved by allowing employees to access and update information from the location of the assets as opposed to transporting data between the warehouse and the workstation.

Not only does having the entire inventory system in your hand everywhere you go improve efficiency, mobile devices can also make the inventory management workflows much simpler and faster. They do this by leveraging the capability of mobile devices, like geolocation and on-device cameras.

With a mobile inventory management app, employees can confirm they are at the right warehouse, as well as enter inventory information with the scan of a barcode rather than taking information down by hand or entering numbers. This alone results in a much lower average for human error.

2. Faster, More Efficient Inventory Management

Mobilizing inventory management applications increases efficiency across the board, especially when it comes to work orders and paperwork. Mobile apps can actually eliminate most inter-department paperwork, taking inventory and receiving to the warehouse.

A mobile inventory app allows employees to view or create purchase orders and requisitions on-location. They can also do immediate edits and change orders while at the point of service or in the warehouse, increasing accurate information and documentation.

Armed with a mobile app, employees can record 100% of all inventory interaction, material usage, labor, and any other pertinent information on every step of the way.

This is what powers an ROI increase from purchase orders, receiving, and managing massive amounts of inventory down to single items.

3. Improve Overall Productivity

Empowering employees to move away from stationary workstations while retaining access to all system data, as well as ability to capture data remotely, improves productivity and efficiency across the board for any and all businesses.

Difficult processes can be streamlined into intuitive workflows in the field. Work cycles can be significantly shortened. Data capture and entry is more accurate and less is lost in translation from warehouse to workstation.

How To Take Inventory Systems Mobile Quickly

There are several services available and we’ve reviewed the top mobile development platforms available. We recommend that you do your homework on each one and pick the best solution for you and your company.

At appsFreedom, our clients come to us when they need to develop an enterprise mobile app quickly and integrate it with their current systems like SAP. The appsFreedom platform is built for non-programmers and can literally empower you to create enterprise mobile apps, which can seamlessly integrate into any backend system, in just a few days.

We recommend you take a test drive of the appsFreedom platform and see how it can be utilized to create your enterprise inventory management mobile app in breathtaking speed.3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mobile Inventory Management App