8 best apps for oil & gas employees

Oil and gas workers indeed have a rough job! Risky tasks, elongated hours, and complex paperwork!

But a simple mobile access to all the vital sources would make their life so much easier!

And fortunately, the oil and gas industry has found out the benefits of accessing such social, informative, and search platforms. Curated purely for revolutionizing the way you work, there are hundreds of oil and gas apps available in the market.

We have put together a few of the best oilfield apps to take to work with you on a rig!

Field inspection – field services & quality control

Providing inspection know-hows and capabilities to field inspectors and technicians.

Meet all your site inspection requirements with on-demand intelligence, improved information flow, and increased field-force productivity. Customize this app template to cater to your site specific inspection needs. It comes with camera and image capture/storage features along with version and authorization management.

Field Inspection gets new approaches and techniques for field services and quality control, making it an integral app for the employees.

Field Inspection is typically deployed in 2-3 weeks with all the requisite customizations and integrations.

Inventory manager – field services, quality control & warehouse management

Simplify your task by managing inventory in plants, warehouses, and stores using Inventory Manager.

It offers comprehensive inventory management overview to the field technicians. This includes business functions such as stock overview at various levels like the plant, storage location, bin, etc. Eye-catching mobile features like barcode scanning, GPS, and camera are also included.

Inventory Manager offers an opportunity to store vital documents and data together in a single manageable place. It speeds up data capture during time-consuming activities on the field.

Inventory Manager is typically implemented in 2-3 weeks along with tailored features for specific business desires.

Maintenance/repair work order

It helps in recording and editing work orders on the move and in remote locations.

It covers all business functions for a maintenance/repair job. It includes work order notifications, creating or updating work orders, operations and activities, time capture and workflow. This app allows a field technician to work from remote locations, with or without connectivity.

It supports advanced offline capabilities such as data creation, sync and orchestration, conflict resolution, guaranteed data delivery, and much more. It can be customized to meet an individual’s business needs.

Maintenance/Repair Work Order is typically deployed in 6-8 weeks from getting trained to being an expert at it.

Event audit

Enabling auditing events in manufacturing and operations using Lean principles and methodologies. If the company chooses, it can also be used without those ideologies.

With an outstanding availability in online and offline mode, conflict resolution, and other native features, this app offers easy integration. It makes field operations and activities effortless and operative. It can be quickly customized to any backend application.

Providing seamless integration, Event Audit optimizes the working procedures on the field and back.

Event Audit is typically deployed in 1-3 weeks from scope identification to app roll-out.

Lean assessment

Facilitating the assessment of Lean Implementation of manufacturing procedures and processes.

Full of valuation and reporting capabilities, the app can be operated in online as well as offline mode. It is fully integrated with your core business applications. It determines when precautionary maintenance, procedure improvements, and implementation of Lean techniques are required for a successful manufacturing.

Stop relying on paper checklists while evaluating the manufacturing practices. Lean assessment is an essential tool for transforming your operational excellence.

Lean Assessment is typically deployed in 1-3 weeks with out-of-the-box personalization to match to an individual’s business techniques.

Material master

Empowering planning and monitoring of materials required in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Generate and modify material master and maintain a single source of for all your material lists. With Material Master cut down elongated hours and effort of creating master data. Execute a workflow in parallel with several teams to create an ultimate and effective material master.

It features all native tools like barcode scanning, GPS positioning, and camera. Material Master saves time and allows employees to use that time to generate additional business. It reshapes the entire material monitoring procedure.

Material Master can be modified, incorporated, and deployed in 6-8 weeks.

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