A Definitive Guide to oil and gas enterprise management

The global energy markets have been growing at a rapid pace in recent years. The challenging market forces warrant that Oil and Gas companies should look towards new streams of revenues. At the same time, companies have to optimize their operating costs and find ways to leave a lower environmental footprint behind.

Oil and gas enterprise management is the only way in which O&G companies can meet the challenge of enabling real-time visibility into new discoveries, extraction and delivery operations. In this way, they can improve their overall productivity while ensuring compliance.

Hence, Oil and Gas industry leaders are today, more than ever before, deploying all types of mobile applications to transform their businesses across downstream, upstream, and midstream operations.

Enterprise mobility solutions that are tailor-made for the O&G industry can help companies in many ways.

Why Oil and Gas Industry needs Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Adopting mobile technology in the Oil and Gas Industry will help in completion of project on time, accurate data collection, better workforce management and digitalization of logistics.

Moreover, McKinney Global Institute estimates that approximately $8 Billion will be spent on the development of Oil and Gas enterprise management solutions. Isn’t that proof enough?

Let’s see the advantages of Oil and Gas mobile apps

Better Condition Monitoring and Inspection

One of the primary advantages of using enterprise mobile solutions for the Oil and Gas industry is that the huge amounts of data collected by the field technicians can now make it possible for you to take action immediately.

Deployment of Oil and Gas mobile apps using appsFreedom can improve operations for environmental assessments, refinement of technical equipment, and also ease the observation of pipelines.

Asset and Fuel Management

Enterprise mobility solutions (delivered by proficient companies like appsFreedom) make it easier to remotely monitor any site around the world. It allows you to track fuel consumption, get forecasting data, alerts and reports, and also track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at any site. This helps O&G companies to manage their fuel usage in an efficient manner.

Oil and Gas mobile apps can also help you manage your assets better by helping you set up a smart asset management system. This system will function as one single strategic system, allowing you to have all the required data about your assets. The data will also include information on the location of the asset, the condition of the asset, and many other related queries.

Management of Field Force and Workforce

The Oil and Gas industry is a unique sector which has hundreds of people working throughout the world on different assignments. It becomes difficult to track each employee manually. However, enterprise mobile solutions will make it possible for you to manage your entire taskforce easily.

Documentation of travel, work schedules, employee rotation schedules, and much more are all updated and available at one place for you to peruse. With the use of Oil and Gas mobile apps, you can help track, deploy, or manage your workforce efficiently anywhere in the world.

appsFreedom – Custom Mobility Application with Sophisticated Offline Capabilities

The enterprise mobile solution – appsFreedom – can help companies in the Oil and Gas sector to not only operate their assets at maximum capacity, but also allows you to access them from any remote location. Our ready-to-deploy app templates help release an app within a week’s time.

Moreover, the mobile app comes handy for people at offshore sites who frequently face network availability issues. The oil and gas mobile apps make it easier for companies to execute decisions without any constraints.

appsFreedom allows professionals in the Oil & Gas sector to reach out to their remote locations and sync data from every part of their network and operations.