appsFreedom Announces Integration With S/4 HANA

appsFreedom Announces Integration With S/4 HANA, Enabling Efficient, Fast, Cost-effective Mobile App Customization for SAP Enterprise Users

CHANDLER, Ariz., July 16, 2015 appsFreedom, the Model-driven, Enterprise App Development Platform, now delivers even more value to enterprise users thanks to its integration with SAP’s premier business analytics and applications platform S/4 HANA. Organizations needing to customize S/4 HANA for their unique business processes can also mobilize it very easily with appsFreedom, and all without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, appsFreedom offers the first mobile offline solution to integrate with S/4 HANA, giving users unparalleled flexibility within a mobile ecosystem and helping enterprises to be more flexible, more productive and ultimately, more competitive.

“Despite its power and versatility, S/4 HANA presents significant customization challenges due to its pre-packaged SAP Fiori interface. Customizing certain aspects of S/4 HANA requires painstaking development effort to ensure Fiori matches these enhancements. Moreover, ongoing management of all that new Fiori custom code further depletes IT resources,” explains Vaidy Iyer, Founder and CEO of appsFreedom. “Our platform-to-platform integration solves that problem, empowering enterprises to quickly, efficiently mobilize their S/4 HANA customizations as well as manage the lifecycle of every customized app.”

appsFreedom helps organizations with S/4 HANA deployments save time and money across the entire enterprise, liberating IT staff to pursue more important projects as well as leveraging a powerful toolkit to develop and mobilize custom business processes in days rather than weeks. Best of all, appsFreedom makes this possible at a significantly lower cost than any alternative.

For current SAP customers, appsFreedom offers a development platform to mobilize SAP ECC, CRM, SRM, Ariba and other SAP applications in its portfolio. No programming knowledge or experience is necessary; enterprise users need only have an understanding of relevant business processes and workflows to develop functional applications. appsFreedom integrates seamlessly with all SAP applications, including S/4 HANA’s native APIs, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of the software’s tremendous capabilities.

“S/4 HANA is today the most advanced business suite of its kind, helping users unlock a treasure chest of analytic, process and transaction data,” adds appsFreedom’s Chief Client Advocate Gino Padua. “Now, S/4 HANA users can reap the benefits of intuitive and efficient mobile apps, customized to their particular business needs, all thanks to the integration with appsFreedom. When enterprises can act on their data rather than react to external forces, they enjoy a distinct advantage over the field.”

appsFreedom provides S/4 HANA users with more than just another third-party integration : the platform complements the strengths of S/4 HANA while providing enterprise users with a fast, efficient, inexpensive option for User Experience customization and app development.

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