appsFreedom Demonstrates Versatility in Offline-capable Apps and Rapid Mobile App Development as NCDEX Leverages Platform to Help Indian Farmers Preserve Agricultural Commodities

CHANDLER, Ariz., Feb. 15, 2016 — When NCDEX – India’s online, multi-commodity exchange network – needed a smart, mobile solution to the problem of warehouse space allocation, the company turned to appsFreedom and its Model-driven, Enterprise App Development Platform. With the tools made available by appsFreedom, NCDEX CTO Anand Iyer and his team were able to quickly create and launch an offline-capable mobile app to manage space in 466 warehouses, all in real time. This innovative app will help farmers avoid the calamity of spoiled produce – regardless of whether they have a data connection at that instant – which will contribute to the health of local and regional economies.

“A software project of this magnitude usually means employing three teams to develop native apps for each operating system, which effectively triples the cost,” says Iyer. “However, with an RMAD platform like appsFreedom, the level of complexity was much reduced, and our software tool has met every expectation. Importantly, India’s still-developing mobile infrastructure means that mobile apps need offline capability to be truly useful. appsFreedom helped us achieve this requirement with ease.”

The NCDEX Warehouse Reservation System (WRS) system is a single, unified, multi-platform app that allows customers to view and book warehouse space from anywhere. Farmers can book up to 500 metric tons per warehouse daily, giving every stakeholder an equal chance to secure their crops. In the event the user is offline, data will be stored until it can be processed though the NCDEX backend commodity accounting system, known as COMTRACK.

“We’re proud to help NCDEX streamline a major link in India’s agricultural supply chain,” says Gino Padua, Sales and Customer Experience Head at appsFreedom. “Iyer and his technical team at the exchange have proven just how dynamic and powerful the platform can be. appsFreedom helped solve a challenging real-world problem, which has already make a difference in people’s livelihoods. Whether the end user is a global enterprise or a small family farmer, rapid development, versatility and offline capabilities are essential components of a practical and functional mobile app.”

A first-of-its-kind initiative for the Indian agricultural sector, WRS will empower a more resilient and stable infrastructure : one where losing a third of one’s crops was considered the norm. Farmers will reap the benefits of higher incomes, while the industry as a whole will transform into a more seamless and efficient machine.

NCDEX is the only commodity exchange in India to receive support and promotion from national-level institutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, the exchange trades in 21 agricultural commodities. NCDEX warehouses store millions of metric tons of agricultural products every year.

The fact is, appsFreedom’s RMAD platform is adaptable enough to solve problems for users in virtually any industry. The company continues to innovate its core product and expand its global reach, all as part of being a leader in the charge toward enterprise mobility.

About NCDEX:

As India’s leading online exchange, NCDEX is where customers repose trust. It offers the widest range of benchmark products across agriculture, metals and precious metals. NCDEX brings buyers and sellers together through its electronic trading platform. With a widely held shareholding, it enjoys the distinction of being the only exchange in the country promoted by national-level institutions. The institutional promoters and shareholders of NCDEX are prominent players in their respective fields and bring with them institutional building experience, trust, nation-wide reach, technology and risk management skills.

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