appsFreedom Empowers Enterprises to Rapidly Develop Robust Offline Apps

appsFreedom Empowers Enterprises to Rapidly Develop Robust Offline Apps, Delivering Seamless Performance to Users in Plant Maintenance, Field Inspections, Logistics and More.

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 7, 2015  — appsFreedom, the Model-driven, Enterprise App Development Platform, understands that modern organizations need offline app capabilities to support mission-critical business operations in the field, and these apps must also integrate with Oracle, SAP and other business software suites. Until now, a variety of factors : time, cost, complexity : has discouraged some enterprises from investing in offline mobile apps. Today at the Gartner Symposium, appsFreedom is pleased to launch the new version of its Rapid Mobile App Development platform that enables offline mobile app development with all of the necessary features, industrial robustness and ironclad security built in.

“The appsFreedom Platform is the first platform to provide industrial strength offline apps out of the box with no coding required,” says Vaidy Iyer, Founder and CEO of appsFreedom. “It is a game-changer for enterprises that will empower the deployment of mission critical offline apps, all without investing heavily in the developer workforce to build, deploy and maintain these apps.”

A single moment of poor or dropped connectivity can result in data loss, producing a bad customer experience or an overall inefficient process. Meanwhile, certain industries like oil and gas, utilities, engineering and manufacturing, among others, often send employees to locations where no wireless connections are available. appsFreedom solves these problems, giving field operators tools that work flawlessly irrespective of wireless network reliability.

“Most enterprises understand the numerous advantages conferred by offline mobile apps,” remarks Chief Client Advocate Gino Padua. “Independence from third-party wireless carriers is of tremendous value for field operations. Offline apps that can securely store data without the need to regularly sync with back-end systems are similarly liberating. Embracing these advantages, however, has been a significant challenge for all but the largest enterprises.”

Offline app development using conventional tools is typically complex, time-consuming and expensive; moreover, industry analyst Gartner has recently indicated that demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one by 2017. appsFreedom avoids this dilemma in that its platform doesn’t need a team of professional programmers to build sophisticated enterprise apps.

The complexity of offline app development arises from the need to meet enterprises’ stringent security and functionality standards. Contrary to popular belief, a robust offline app is not simply an online app with extra storage. appsFreedom provides an innovative solution to the complexity problem. Apps developed on the platform include every feature that enterprises expect, including offline authentication, secure encryption, execution of business rules and data conflict identification. appsFreedom incorporates these features into every user-developed app by design, without the need to write a single line of code.

appsFreedom enables enterprises to construct and manage sophisticated online and offline mobile app infrastructures for a fraction of the cost and time usually required. Users can deploy multiple apps across all devices with just a few clicks, allowing for BYOD without sacrificing functionality or security.

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