appsFreedom Launches A New and Improved Version

New Version of Award-winning appsFreedom Platform Empowers Enterprise Users to Mobilize Entire Business Processes, Deploying Multiple Apps Across Multiple Devices and Platforms in a Few Clicks, All While Seamlessly Integrating to Third-party Back-end Applications

CHANDLER, Ariz.,March 26, 2015 : appsFreedom, the Model-driven, Enterprise App Development Platform for Citizen Developers, now allows users to create multiple apps from a single business process workflow rather than individual development of multiple apps for a single business process. Apps created via the platform integrate seamlessly with all the major back-end applications. And because the appsFreedom platform is codeless, app development cycles are measured in days, not weeks.

“Enterprises today have a huge number of applications and thousands of discrete business processes that need to be mobile-enabled. Developing apps one at a time is time consuming and expensive, and places undue burden on already-strapped IT departments,” remarked Vaidy Iyer, Founder and CEO of appsFreedom. “Our newest platform addresses this core problem and empowers organizations to mobilize entire business processes by building and deploying apps en masse. In just a few clicks, users can create apps for all devices and operating systems, rapidly optimizing business processes and mobile-enabling the complete enterprise.”

Anyone with knowledge of business processes can develop apps with appsFreedom — no coding expertise is required. The company deftly solves the supply and demand problem that has until now plagued enterprises that lack the human and technological capital to fully embrace mobility. The new platform’s core features underscore how appsFreedom continues pushing the limits of rapid mobile app development.

Mobilize Business Processes — Build Apps En Masse

The status quo among app development platforms is to require creation of individual apps for each discrete segment of a business process. appsFreedom adopts a new approach — en masse app development. Citizen Developers can mobilize an entire business process and automatically generate unique apps for a variety of roles and users that operate on all devices, with no programming knowledge required. Every app is fully integrated to IT’s core enterprise applications, with all the security and scalability that an enterprise needs, all in just a few clicks. This innovation further accelerates the mobile development lifecycle and improves the time-to-value. Organizations can now finally build apps en masse, integrate them to their enterprise applications and mobile-enable the complete enterprise.

Composite Mobile Apps

appsFreedom platform takes another leap forward in the areas of data extraction and manipulation across multiple back-end applications. Composite Apps enable users to interact with one app that connects to multiple back-end applications simultaneously. Users can pull data from these connected applications, perform necessary tasks with the data, and then update relevant back-end applications in one swoop, maintaining the sanity of data across all systems.


Sharing files has been a continuing pain point with most mobile business apps. True mobility is hindered when something as simple as a word document cannot be sent from one mobile user to another. appsFreedom’s new platform conquers this with its straightforward attachment functionality. Users now have an unfettered capacity to send and view most common document formats, all from their mobile devices.


Business users often demand different flavors of an app, with subtle variations in data elements and visualization to match personal preferences. Instead of building several variations of an app or forcing uniformity across the organization, appsFreedom allows users to build and deploy one app that each business user can customize, even down to data elements.

Freedom Drive

appsFreedom is the only mobile platform providing a full-featured document storage and management system specifically for mobile devices. Freedom Drive deftly manages authorizations, permissions and version control. With Freedom Drive, business users can quickly and easily download, upload, view or share documents from anywhere.


Individuals and groups can now receive instant alerts when tasks need attention. This feature will consequently improve response times and drive accountability, while eliminating the need to send reminders or otherwise interface with a work- or task-tracking tool.

Like all prior versions of the appsFreedom platform, the new version requires only a grasp of core business processes and workflows to make the most of its diverse, practical feature set.

About appsFreedom

appsFreedom™ is the leading provider of a Model-Driven, Enterprise App Development Platform, empowering citizen developers, to easily build Mobile and Web apps, fully integrated to IT’s core applications in days. appsFreedom drives business productivity by delivering a high productivity platform through its appsFreedom Platform to collaborate, build, deploy and run apps in a multi-channel, multi-device environment. Apps are built once and deployed for all devices in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. Global companies across the industry spectrum rely on appsFreedom for the fastest time-to-value in the marketplace. Learn more at