Benefits of Mobility in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Can you remember when you last signed an actual paper slip when you got a delivery? If so, cherish that memory, as paper in logistics is becoming a thing of the past! The logistics industry is rapidly turning to mobile devices and applications to manage supply chains, enabling companies to track orders in real time.

In the logistics activities, transportation, and supply chain fields, mobile applications are necessary tools. In such fields, the aim is to get products or goods from one place to another in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Mobile apps help to simplify major logistics functions and supply chain management solutions and enable your business to operate more efficiently. They give you more visibility, control over your inventory, and help to reduce your operational costs. Additionally, through a more stable and efficient supply chain, you can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

The bottom line is, to stay ahead, mobile applications are indispensable, a must-have tool for the professionals in operations, logistics, and supply chain management!

The benefits of using mobile apps for logistics and supply chain management!


Being able to take your data anywhere you go allows you to make changes and give suggestions as you encounter them. You can check the status of jobs at any time by just checking the application. Employees can easily review their checklists and fulfill an order.

Real-time updates

There is no more waiting for a report to come in and see where the problem is. You can easily see them where they occur and find the right solution. You can become more aware and decrease the reaction time.

Enhanced health and safety

It may be difficult to imagine, but the technology can help your employees make safer decisions. Mobile technology facilitates the drivers to clock in and out remotely, providing managers with precise acumen into how long they are actually driving. This prevents driver fatigue, thus minimizing the chances of accidents.

Precision monitoring

Through the use of mobile technology, you can determine if you are on track or early for a shipment or you are running behind. Precise tracking technology lets the consumer know where his package is and when would it land in his place.

Speeding up the whole process

A logistics mobile app gets invoicing done fast. It smoothens the communication between headquarters and logistics team members. It saves fuel costs and speeds up the arrival of shipments.

There’s never been a better time for logistics and supply chain management companies to go mobile. And, there’s never been a better platform to go mobile than appsFreedom!

appsFreedom allows you to optimize various logistic processes and control your supply chain operations. Suffering from inefficiencies in supply chain procedures, disorganized logistics, lack of visibility in reverse logistics, and inappropriate scheduling of events? Not to worry! appsFreedom addresses and solves all such challenges.

appsFreedom’s proficient mobile apps eliminate inefficiencies, optimize and streamline processes, and enhance productivity. They enable real-time visibility and minimize unplanned events.

Let’s chalk down the top 10 mobile apps to streamline your logistics and supply chain management in the next article of the blog series!

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