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Oil and gas mobile solutions: The secret weapon to catapult your business

Many oil and gas companies have met with the challenges of the oil and gas industry which has increased the need to lower operating costs while maintaining or increasing efficiency….


Why Your Oil and Gas Firm Needs to Consider Developing an Inventory Mobile App?

Operating within an increasingly competitive environment, the Oil and Gas sector is facing new challenges every day. The heavily regulated industry is operating within complex global and domestic frameworks. Additionally,…

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Your handy guide on how an offline mobile app works

Everyone would agree with the fact that there are plenty of smartphone devices used today than ever before. With the fast adoption of mobile phones and tablets, these high-powered smart…

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4 common use cases that are a perfect fit for low code development

In today’s world, every corporation, big or small, has realized that dependency on technology is what will really help them reach new heights. Whether it’s achieving efficiency in a process,…

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SAP and low code development: The golden formula to increase the dexterity of your business

As the world progresses towards improved technology and innovation at a rapid pace, your business needs to cope up and adopt this paradigm shift as well. The software solution employed…


How custom enterprise mobile apps can help you grow your business

Technology is a significant part of the modern world as it has the ability to speed up business procedures and make it even more smooth and effective. Our desktop is…

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7 huge benefits of implementing Low-Code platforms

What is a Low-Code platform? A low-code platform is a fundamental software which provides an environment for programmers to create an application. They use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and simple…

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Things to Consider While Building Offline Mobile Applications

The significance of an offline mobile app Have you ever tried to open any mobile app while in aeroplane mode? Were you able to take photos, read texts, and execute…

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Extending SAP Digital Core to the Last Mile

Digitizing and Integrating the Enterprise Resource Planning System in Manufacturing


Enterprise Mobile Apps Development – 9 Pitfalls to Avoid

By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them, according to Gartner,…


Multi Language Mobile Apps

Language has always been an essential driver of business growth and it’s no different when it comes to mobile apps adoption and growth within your enterprise. In today’s global economy,…


Rapid Offline Apps – The Game-changer

The Need Today, as consumers, we are all getting used to an almost omnipresent network connectivity, from Wi-Fi in Starbucks and restaurants to airplanes and 4G connectivity in our mobile…


Offline Mobile Apps – 6 Common Myths

Offline Mobile apps are becoming a business reality. Especially when it comes to mission critical business operations. However not everyone defines a business app in the same way and there…


How to Architect a Smart BYOD Policy for SMBs

Adopting mobile technology into the workplace is a challenge, especially for small to medium-sized businesses with tight budgets. There are a good many aspects, such as security, device management, and…


The Best Way to Get a Mobile SAP Timesheet App

Enterprises, who fail to implement mobile solutions for HR, like building mobile timesheet apps, have to deal with a lot of negative impacts on their business. These impacts are slowing…


On-Premise vs. Cloud for Enterprise Mobility: The Pros, Cons, and Cost

While the enterprise world is quickly moving to cloud technology, there are still a few reasons on-premise applications may be better for your enterprise. The trick in discovering which option is…


How To Increase User Adoption In Your Enterprise Apps

As we’ve written before, measuring user adoption for your enterprise mobile apps is critical to the success of your apps. There’s no other way to discover if the app is…


Why You Should Measure User Adoption In Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are many reasons to measure user adoption in your enterprise mobile apps. For one, thats the primary way to tell if an app was worth building or not. Secondly,…


MADP vs. MEAP vs. MCAP: Which is the Best to Develop Your App?

When customized mobile apps became a critical business feature for enterprises, developers quickly realized the need for scalable, cross-platform compatibility. Software engineers specializing in these apps faced serious challenges when they were forced…


Model-Driven Platform vs. Traditional App Development: Which is Best?

Enterprise mobile apps, for the most part, follow the traditional software development model. The app goes through an approval process to identify requirements; the app gets designed; code is written;…