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Oil and gas mobile solutions: The secret weapon to catapult your business

Many oil and gas companies have met with the challenges of the oil and gas industry which has increased the need to lower operating costs while maintaining or increasing efficiency….

Digitization of business Mobile Apps Technology for business

7 huge benefits of implementing Low-Code platforms

What is a Low-Code platform? A low-code platform is a fundamental software which provides an environment for programmers to create an application. They use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and simple…

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Things to Consider While Building Offline Mobile Applications

The significance of an offline mobile app Have you ever tried to open any mobile app while in aeroplane mode? Were you able to take photos, read texts, and execute…

Platform Updates

V4.5 – Offline capability for Windows 10 and Rugged Barcode Scanner Support

appsFreedom V4.5 – Offline capability for Windows 10 and Rugged Barcode Scanner Support The platform was enhanced to support offline apps for Windows 10 devices. I.e. The platform can now…

Platform Updates

V4.4 – Pre-built app templates

appsFreedom v4.4 – pre-built app templates Pre-built App Templates appsFreedom provides pre-built, ready-to-go app templates that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to meet specific business needs. These app templates…

Platform Updates

V4.3 – Offline capability and IoT adaptors

appsFreedom v4.3: offline capability and IoT adaptors Offline Apps The platform can generate offline Freedom Apps that support extended offline mode, i.e. it can enable the end-user to be offline…

Platform Updates

V4.2 – Data storage & apps generation

appsFreedom V4.2 – Data storage & apps generation SaaS – Database Adapters Database adapters are available to connect to cloud database applications, i.e. any SaaS applications that give access to…

Platform Updates

V4.1 – Cross-platform App Enhancements

appsFreedom V4.1 –  Cross-platform App Enhancements Document Viewer Freedom Apps provide a document viewer on all mobile operating systems to view attachments and other documents inside the app. Files Freedom…

Platform Updates

V4.0 – Model driven architecture

appsFreedom v4.0 – Model driven architecture Freedom Database Freedom Database is a new module that is introduced in v4.0. Every tenant will have access to their own/independent database space, where…