Building Seamless Collaboration Between Field and Office

Gone are the days when working in the oil and gas industry was the most treacherous and lethal job. Connecting someone in the office while working in the field took hours. These broken links were the main malefactor for the delayed decision or information which at unfortunate times led to grave incidents.

But now it’s almost 2020. 

We are living in a world of technology and digitization transformation. Strong digital world connections have the potential to empower the zillions of people while providing prospects for value creation and development. 

Playing a fundamental role by providing heat, light, mobility and economic growth, oil and gas industry is transforming every life on the planet.

But, what about the lives working in the oil and gas industry?

How can they build a better relationship between fields and office?

Redefining borders and creating better opportunities through digitalization, oil and gas industry can now run efficiently and communicate better through mobile solutions. 

appsFreedom tells you how the oil and gas industry can use a variety of mediums to create a strong unbroken link between office and field –

The Industrial Internet of things

What if you don’t need a human-to-human connection to convey important information?

The IIoT is an application which interconnects computing devices, power-driven and digital apparatuses with employees into a link. This link creates an ability to transfer information without human-to-human or human-to-computer contact. 

This auto-generated data improves the collaboration between office and field and leads to smarter and faster decision-making. 

Connecting workers through wearable technology also help them carry out their jobs safely and efficiently.

Robots and Drones

The new era of automation is not only useful in grand events to capture photography and serve menu, but it plays a pivotal role in the oil and gas industry.

Digital technologies such as robots and drones simplify, systematize and augment procedures between field and office. Transforming the age-old practice of how Oil and Gas companies operate, these digital world transformations greatly aids real-time data collection and make the decision-making process better and faster. It also helps oil and gas industries alleviate risk and prevent hazardous accidents. 

Resulting in value added proficiency and precision and better workforce safety – it creates a strong relationship between office and field and answers many queries such as where to drill, forecasting portfolios, and successful well completions with new generation technology.

Big Data and Analytics

Better connection and information through sensors and greater computing power helps better connectivity to create a smooth collaboration between field and office. 

Oil and Gas companies have benefitted a lot with the application of big data and analytics for increasing asset’s lifetime and employees’ contentment. Navigating a huge amount of data is simplified and employees time and workload are decreased by multi-folds. 

Such high-tech sensors and technologies also help industries maintain real-time connection between workers on and off the field. 

Mobile Devices

But the best way for seamless collaboration between on and off the field workforce still happens to be mobile devices. This is because everyone owns a cell phone. Hence, it becomes easy to use that as a communication device. 

Improvement in workforce safety, on-time delivery and evolution in the oil and gas industry – everything is possible through successful mobility solutions.

Today, mobile devices and solutions are fully incorporated into everyday operations of the oil and gas industry. Enhancing field records, along with workflow improvements, mobility solutions lead to increased productivity. 

Advantages of Mobile Devices

  • Using mobile devices helps the oil and gas industry maintain heavy machineries and take preventive measures on-time. This leads to maximizing the up-time and eventually increases efficiency.
  • Mobile devices create a safe haven for geologists, field managers and workers working on the field. It collects data and reviews on-time to evade any mishap.
  • Captures the data and information in real-time and takes preventive measures to help the workforce on the field and in the office.
  • Automated collected information helps the industry to prioritize tasks according to urgent attention. This improves better working condition and productivity in the arena. 

Connecting a better link between office and field, mobile technology monitors real-time data and workers safety through GPS systems. This also guaranteed swift communication between the administration and the on-field workforce, which results in fewer errors and increased productivity. 

How appsFreedom helps in a flawless alliance between field and office? 

appsFreedom assists you create user-friendly mobile solutions that help you in various oil and gas processes – from warehouse management to good delivery and lean assessment. Their app templates offer offline functionality which helps update data and images even when there is no mobile connectivity. Thus, helping on and off the field workers to communicate information at all times. 

With appsFreedom, you are always connected to the main system with out of the box integrations for smooth functioning of work in-field and in the office.