The Developing World of Mobile Apps for Warehouse Management

Just a few short years ago, warehouse management depended on stand-alone systems to complete routine tasks. Companies frowned on the use of mobile phones at work. They insisted that work equipment should remain at work while personal equipment is just that – personal!

Fast-forward to the present day, mobile phones are ubiquitous. Technology has become such an integral part of the world, as today’s connected customers expect faster delivery, quality products, and competitive prices. For businesses to ensure sustained growth in the future, mobile applications are essential as they manage work anytime, anywhere!

Todays, warehouse management tools include powerful mobile apps that turn a smartphone into a barcode scanner, inventory manager, and more. Companies adopting mobility throughout their warehouses, distribution centers, and supply chains are seeing various operational benefits. These benefits, in turn, improve customer services, reduce order cycle times, and improve growth rates in terms of sales and revenue.

So are mobile apps a time-waster or a time-saver? Check out these benefits of using mobile apps in a warehouse automation process and decide on your own!

  • Enhanced Business Intelligence: Mobile apps mean that every segment of your warehouse can provide information about inventory programs, supply chains, and others. Increased data means improved reporting for business intelligence, insights, and analytics.
  • Real-time Data and Reporting: There is no more waiting for a report to come in and see where the problems are. You are able to see when an issue occurs and come up with a solution then and there. You are no longer tied to a desk to monitor performance or track statuses.
  • Augmented Sales: Mobile apps enable your field sales team to close sales while visiting clients. Payment apps enable customers to pay for their orders immediately. Sales can also send an invoice right from their mobile phone.
  • Enriched Efficiency: Transforming mobile phones into barcode scanners improves efficiency throughout the warehouse. With the right data, you can save time in every aspect of operations from receiving to packing.
  • Cost Savings: Implementing mobility in a supply chain is affordable. There is no need to invest in costly new hardware.
  • Safety: Mobile tracking alerts employees working in restricted areas to ensure compliance with health and safety laws.
  • Labor Productivity: Visibility and real-time information being fed into a centralized inventory and warehouse management system see greater labor productivity.

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Mobile apps solutions for warehouse automation are just some of the many exciting improvements within the industry. Indulge in these advancements with appsFreedom!

appsFreedom’s mobile applications allows you to seamlessly and easily keep track of your warehouse and inventory through mobile devices. The mobile apps provide real-time visibility of all warehouse and distribution processes. They connect all the assets and resources involved in the processes to the central business system.

With appsFreedom’s mobile apps:

  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming paperwork
  • Enable real-time exception management
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Provide real-time proof of delivery and management

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