Digital Transformation & Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing

It’s become a common and somewhat ironic argument that mobility has only made us more connected. Sociological implications aside, there’s no denying that mobile connectivity has forever transformed the way we interact with each other. Moreover, it has revolutionized the way businesses interact with and collect data from their people and processes.

The manufacturing environment is no stranger to this transformation. In fact, all the facets from the top floor down to the shop have only become increasingly connected in recent years. A research shows that thanks to technology, 65% of operation managers have performance information within a day or sooner. And this is really only the beginning!

Manufacturers are rapidly discovering new ways to utilize mobile technology for maximized efficiency. Through the use of smartphones and tablets, manufacturing processes are being tracked real-time and displaying incredibly accurate data.

Deployment of mobility solutions in manufacturing process impacts various KPI’s of business. A study shows that it not only helps in improving operational efficiency and manufacturing productivity but also helps in lowering operational costs.

No Mobile, No Manufacturing Servitization!

IDC predicts that by 2018, only 30% of manufacturers investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize its outcome. The rest will be held back by outdated business models and legacy technology.

The transformative potential of enterprise mobility for industrial companies is real. Mobile access to manufacturing sector can bring about many benefits. Here’s a snapshot.

  • Enable accurate and real-time collection of enterprise information for efficient information and executive decision support.
  • Enhance customer experience in field service environments.
  • Boost productivity of technical staff by allowing them to interact with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) while on the field.
  • Enable workers and enterprise systems to harness advanced features of mobile devices including geolocation and cameras.
  • Improves the amount and quality of information available to servicing assets and customers. This leads to more reliable troubleshooting and less downtime in a plant environment.
  • Allows users to engage with software systems more frequently, increasing the return on investment for enterprise software.
  • Increased engagement with enterprise systems.

One Platform, Many Benefits!

appsFreedom’s mobility solutions help companies further automate order management and capture key information effortlessly. With appsFreedom’s ground-breaking technology, help plants manage their raw materials requirements optimally.

appsFreedom brings together best-of-breed, point mobility solutions on a single platform for better management of manufacturing processes. Automate plant operations for drastically cutting down on manufacturing costs. Empower yourself with 360-degree visibility of the entire manufacturing chain.

From transforming processes within the four walls of a plant to outward bound filed service management, mobility matters to manufacturers more than ever.

Be a part of the manufacturing sector’s digital transformation with appsFreedom today!

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