Digitizing Logistics in Oil & Gas

Oil and gas is a truly exceptional industry. The pioneer objective of every oil and gas industry is to achieve optimum exploration, production, and efficient processing!

The supply chain is proven to be of a great importance as one of the major operations in the oil and gas industry. Every vertical industry faces unique supply chain management challenges, but none is as complex as that of oil and gas.

Transporting product requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. It often requires multiple modes, communication, back-end visibility, and great network connectivity. Oil and gas logistics call for experienced and dedicated services. There is no room for error as mistakes can turn out to be expensive!

What happens when there is no network connectivity in the logistics sector?

Think of a real-life situation where you have your own mobile phone but there is no network connectivity in it? Don’t you feel useless? Passing time in such cases can be really daunting!

The oil and gas industry functions the very same way. The processes are getting digitized and efficient mobile apps and templates are making their way. But here’s a catch to it!

As we all know, most of the oil and gas fields are located in remote areas. Such sites are devoid of network availability and connectivity. The communication problems which arise due to such situations may often lead to missed opportunities or accidental hazards.

No network accessibility in the logistics segment may lead to:

  • No real-time visibility to where materials are there all the time. By not knowing when the resources will arrive, the oil and gas companies cannot exercise flexibility in controlling their entire transportation process
  • No access to business intelligence and data which could achieve better performance and compliance and thus reduce costs
  • Minimized safety of the personnel and the products, which is a huge concern in the oil and gas industry
  • No management and oversight over the carrier contracting and procurement procedure
  • Missed abilities to enhance and sustain various transportation processes
  • The oil and gas industries may not be able to satisfy the growing demands of the customers by providing faster, same-day deliveries
  • Unshared logistic capabilities may decrease optimum asset utilization

Logistics in the oil and gas industry demands a great sense of mobility and
need for visibility!

Enhancing supply chains helps in mitigating risks, managing warehouse inventory strategies, monitoring transportation, controlling supply and demand, and ensuring the best procuring approach!

  • Managing processes through automated planning and manufacturing
  • Increased visibility of demand-driven supply chain
  • Personal safety through wearables and mobiles
  • Reduction in downtime with real-time analytics
  • Optimized energy consumption

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