Extending SAP Digital Core to the Last Mile

SAP S/4HANA is the new, comprehensive, intelligent cloud ERP that brings efficiency, simplicity, optimization, and intelligence to an enterprise.  It provides the digital core that integrates every business process, turns real-time data into actions, and increases employee productivity, enabling organizations to innovate, transform and run ahead.

However, there is one fundamental requirement to reap the business benefits of S/4HANA. Everyone needs to have good, reliable network availability to connect to the digital core. In today’s digital world, while network connectivity is a norm in most industries its not always the case in every industry, in every business use-case and in every region of the world. For example:

  • In an O&G industry, especially in Upstream and Mid-stream companies, field operational personnel routinely work in remote locations with little-to-no network connectivity.
  • In an agricultural industry, quite a few operations take place in farms where connectivity cannot be taken for granted
  • In Logistics & transportation industries, goods routinely travel through patches of dead spots

This applies to other industries such as Mining, Shipping & Terminals, Commercial construction, etc. Even in manufacturing industries plants and shop-floors may have unplanned production downtime due to loss of network availability which leads to tremendous losses in lost productivity. This is especially a problem when factories are located outside the US like Latin America, Asia, etc.

In essence, organizations can reap the benefits of the SAP digital core as long as they are connected. Even an hour of lost connectivity translates to large losses for an organization.

Effortlessly extending the SAP Digital Core!

This is where appsFreedom adds value by extending the SAP Digital Core (i.e. S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, SAP ECC, etc.) up to the last mile. I.e. appsFreedom enables field operations personnel to leverage the power of SAP digital core, on any device, with or without connectivity. It also prevents unplanned production downtimes due to lost connectivity by enabling plant personnel to continue doing their job without a dependency on network availability.

appsFreedom is a cloud-native, custom mobile app generator platform to digitize/mobilize mission-critical business process up to the last mile, with no programming required. It provides sophisticated, user-centric, custom offline apps capable of high-volume data processing & business rules execution in offline mode, data synchronization & orchestration, conflict & error management, offline authentication and other advanced features out-of-the-box with no-programming required.

appsFreedom enables organizations to digitize at speed and scale up to the last mile with 1/3rd of the resources in 1/3rd of the time compared to other traditional options available today.


Revolutionize your business by extending the SAP Digital Core to the last mile with appsFreedom!

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