How Enterprises Can Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Achieving productivity in business today requires imagination and the courage to enable the workforce to lift the company, the division, and the team to new heights.

We live in an era dominated by smart, mobile technologies.  That is great, but not enough. Selecting the applications that can truly help accelerate your business model are key to gaining market share, reducing cost across the major business processes, and satisfying customers.

How Enterprises Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Henry Ford used his imagination and brilliance to leverage land, labor and capital to create a new frontier in manufacturing. We may think we have come a long way in the use of smart phones and tablets, however, if we reset our expectations to see the emergence of smart phone technologies as “just the beginning,” then I would suggest that we are only as mature as the Model T.

Resetting our context of thought leaves a lot of room for imagination in how smart mobile applications are deployed on the right architecture and with the right impact on the productivity of the business.

Normally, we look at substantial capital investments to achieve productivity throughout the business. Well-managed mobile application deployments are being delivered in a matter of weeks to cross functional business units, at a reasonable cost, yet with often dramatic results. Put it simply: if you don’t move… you can bet your competitors will.

Periodically companies declare improvements in key performance metrics necessary to grow the business or drive cost reductions.

They may be associated with sales performance, inventory turns, on-time delivery or field service activities. When you start to peel back the onion on performance metrics, many opportunities arise for every part of the organization.

At appsFreedom, we help clients examine various aspects of their Customer Management and Operational Management Processes with a laser focus on performance improvement. We call it our Smart Mobile Innovation Process.

Imagine your customer acquisition, retention and growth processes on mobile steroids. Imagine the cost reduction opportunities in your Operations Management processes if everyone involved in the value-chain had real-time access to customer data, inventory, workflow systems, supplier data, pricing changes, production line status, distribution timelines and much more.

Now imagine your company presented in Business Week, Forbes, or another respected media outlet as an industry leader who leveraged smart mobile technology to set an unprecedented level for the productivity bar.