Improve Quality Inspections with Mobile Apps

Regardless of the sector, the market and even the product itself, quality control is an element that’s always going to exist. It plays an integral role in ensuring that a good or service delivers on its promises to customers. As such, businesses are always looking at ways to augment the quality inspection process, and ensure that their product is paramount.
So how can mobile apps help? Read on for our guide to how handheld devices can seriously boost the quality inspection process of any business.

Up-to-date data, at your fingertips
When it comes to quality control identifying and addressing issues is an integral part of maintaining standards. When integrated into the inspections process mobile apps arm managers with up-to-the-minute information on any problems. They can then use this data to launch rapid responses to any identified quality issues.

Leverage mobile capabilities
Whatever the product, apps can help quality inspection teams leverage myriad of mobile capabilities, including GPS tracking, photo capture, barcoding and more. This ability to capture real-time information during fulfilment and transportation processes gives managers a real time overview of operations, regardless of their physical location.

Create maintenance and service notifications
From refineries to manufacturing plants, mobile apps allow quality control teams to create custom maintenance and service notifications for equipment, machinery and more. This means they’ll always receive prompts in the palms of their hands.

Tracing problems back to the source
Should customers or clients complain mobile apps allow quality control teams to trace the exact source of the problem. The mass of digital information means they can quickly identify flawed processes, and take steps to fix them ASAP. When trawling through manual data the process takes far longer. This means a slower response, and more dissatisfied clientele.

A customised approach
Every business is different, which means every business will also have varying quality inspection processes. A major perk of mobile apps is the fact that they can be customised to suit the exact needs of an individual business. This makes them hugely valuable when it comes to developing bespoke quality control strategies.

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