The Sales Operations’ Guide to Increasing Productivity Through Mobility


‘Sales Enablement’ has a brand new meaning. Today, it is all about enabling Sales teams to be leaner, meaner sales machines. Sales teams need to be more productive in the field than ever. Remaining competitive means reducing sales cycles and increasing revenue opportunities.

Leveraging Mobile Technology 
The primary goal of any sales operations team today is to improve sales productivity and contribute to the company top line. In today’s landscape, this can only be achieved using the latest technologies such as the cloud and mobile.

What You’ll Get From This Guide:

  • The State of Sales Enablement Today
  • How to Improve Sales Productivity
  • How to Work With Centralized I.T.
  • The Disadvantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development
  • Activities for I.T. and Sales Operations Stakeholders
  • How Sales Ops Can Develop Their Own Apps Easily