The 7 key challenges faced by IT teams in mobile application development

Nearly every company has a mobile application today. There is no doubt that there is immense scope in having a mobile app today, however, there are many challenges that a company’s IT team faces while developing a mobile app.

We take a look at some of the common, yet serious, challenges faced by IT teams during the mobile app development process.

Challenge 1: How do you create an App that People Want?

One of the biggest IT challenges involves developing a mobile app and trying to determine which app a person will need. There are so many options and opportunities present today that app developers are always looking out for the next big ‘thing’ that people would need an app for.

Challenge 2: Knowing the Playground of your Application

Another common IT challenge is the know-how in developing a mobile app, they need to have an in-depth understanding of the playground of their app – meaning that they need to understand where the app will function and how the app will perform when people run it. The differences that exist between the various operating systems will have an impact on some of the features of your mobile app and how these features will integrate with the various operating systems.

Challenge 3: Financial Investment

The financial burden of developing a mobile app is another challenge that the IT team has to deal with because an app, ultimately, cannot be created for free. Creating an app requires financial investments and if there is a lack of funds, then it involves thinking twice about all the features that have to be added to an app. With fewer funds, the app that is developed will be at a disadvantage, and might not be beneficial to users.

Challenge 4: Understanding the Screen Proportions

Mobile app developers need to understand screen size and reconcilability of the app with different smartphones. This is because the app cannot be designed to suit only the newest platforms. Mobile devices have many limitations based on pixel intensities, embedded technologies, screen sizes, OS requirements, and many other factors which presents a big IT challenge in design the app.  

Challenge 5: Security

A big component of the success in developing a mobile app is how secure the app is and it an incredibly important factor for users. For example, users already know that the developers of iOS apps have to meet very high-security requirements of the app, which is why iOS apps are more popular than Android apps.  

Challenge 6: Creating a User-friendly Design

Users love apps that are not only beautiful but are easy to use, manage, and understand. Since only a few users actually try to grasp the app, if there is no ease-of-use, then most users simply delete the app and install another. Another IT challenge involves designing an app with customised user experience.

Challenge 7: Apps that can work offline

When you are developing a mobile app, it is important that you make sure that the app works when you have an active internet connection or otherwise. If an app is made to work only when you have a working internet or Wi-Fi connection, mission-critical processes might face huge losses in remote locations. In times like these, apps that offer offline capabilities prove to be a boon for your business.

Therefore, an ideal IT solution provider will offer complete security with offline capabilities and quick turnover with a user-friendly design so it can be accessed by employees of all levels.

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