A guide to mobility in oil and gas industry

An era of dwindling prices along with an ever rising demand for efficiency is taking a toll on the oil and gas industry. It is shaking the steady grounds of even the most successful and proficient companies. The combination of offline access, high-volume data, and complex business files or data processing is a growing challenge. Addressing such complications requires more than strategy adjustments. It demands a transformation in the industry’s approach to technology and expertise!

Offline working is now a common practice all over the industry. But, handling high-volume data, high-volume sync, and data processing when offline is a principal concern in SMEs and large scale companies.

For example, let’s assume an app for goods movement. It is commonly designed for around 20,000 materials, which is an extremely large data set. However, with the expansion of business, the records are expected to grow at a rate of 100/150 per day. Such a growth rate exceeds the basic limit of 20,000 materials real quick. Thus, the regular working standards of the app are outdone leading to a complete failure.

Basically, the core issue not only centers on how to handle such large volumes but also how to process and sync the data even in offline mode.

Tapping the powerful strings of mobility!

Developing an enterprise mobility strategy can procure significant value in renovating the oil and gas business. It can reduce the time spent on mundane tasks and upsurge the overall productivity in the industry. Enterprise mobility solutions can lead to superior strategic achievements, enhanced recovery, and improved cost savings.

Associating mobility with different companies!

Midstream Companies: Various midstream companies can focus on optimizing and maintaining their networks through oil and gas mobility. Enhancing efficiency, safety drills, and logistics are other benefits to indulge into.

Downstream Companies: Including the above benefits, downstream organizations can specifically augment their ability to visualize data. It helps them extend their value beyond the oil and gas refineries by real-time optimization of varied processes.

Upstream Companies: Corporate companies can relish the ability to make better and quick decisions while far away from the fields. This results in significant savings and uninterrupted growth and development.

Embarking on your mobility journey!

Getting set for enterprise mobility services? Focus on these key areas:

  • Choosing efficient and productive devices and oil mobility platforms.
  • Maintaining a protected environment for enterprise mobility.
  • Integrating diverse mobility solutions.
  • Developing the essential interfaces for maximum yield.
  • Managing and maintaining enterprise mobility portfolio.

Taking advantage of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device!

Mobility is an incredible tool for communications and recording and storing of data. But the possibilities with today’s mobile devices and strategies are endless. To exercise complete benefits of enterprise mobility investments, it is vital to understand and implement ample capabilities of contemporary devices.

There are many considerations while implementing and executing oil and gas mobility tools in your business.

  • One of the finest ways is by deploying dynamic and fruitful business apps.
  • Companies must first determine what data they need to enter as a part of the BYOD strategy and what needs to be restricted.
  • They need to finalize one common supporting platform such as Android, iOS, or Windows to be used throughout the working team of engineers.
  • Various open mobile platforms can get everybody on the same page simplifying communication and logistics.

Companies must take into consideration solutions that do not require costly interfaces or highly developed back-end systems.

Connectivity and safety requirements!

Mobile applications which also work in offline mode provides the finest user experience even in remote locations. They are most likely to support business requirements regardless of network connectivity complications.

Using robust field grade devices and applications will ensure your company’s growing success in the long run. It is now possible to bring even standard devices up to the level of intrinsically secure standards.

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