Multi Language Mobile Apps

Language has always been an essential driver of business growth and it’s no different when it comes to mobile apps adoption and growth within your enterprise. In today’s global economy, every enterprise needs to conduct business in the local language of the country and/or region and the enterprise business applications are typically geared to operate in different languages along with localization. There is no reason enterprise mobile apps should be any different.

Multilingual mobile app – challenges

However building a multilingual mobile app with localization takes time and effort. A typical approach is to use 3rd party software and embed localized language tokens into the app. This may be a relatively decent exercise when 2 or 3 languages are to be supported for a few apps. But when the time comes to scale up to 10’s and 100’s of apps for an enterprise, to be operational in 10’s of languages, it’s no small feat to include multi-lingual capabilities into each app with all the localization features. For e.g., the width of a drop-down list may change depending on the translated language and it may spoil the overall user-interface of the app. Similarly date, time-preference, location etc., needs to be managed appropriately and displayed correctly in the app. As a result, most organizations support minimal languages, typically one (English) when it comes to enterprise mobile apps and it impacts their user adoption.

How to overcome

Well not anymore. appsFreedom Platform is a Rapid Mobile App Development Platform with built-in support for multi-language and localization. Its a simple configuration that can be selected during deployment. That means NO CODING and since it’s configured during deployment, if more languages are to be added, there is no need to re-develop the app or go back to the development team.

multilanguage mobile app

The appsFreedom Platform supports double-byte character set, both for online and offline apps along with localization, that works on all channels and devices, all with absolutely no programming required. With the appsFreedom Platform, making your apps multi-lingual and scaling to 100’s of apps is a breeze.