Why midstream oil and gas firms need mobile applications

An intense pressure of improving operational efficiencies is faced by the midstream oil and gas companies as lower oil prices continue to haunt. While the industry continues to swing between highs and lows, achieving a breakthrough on performance demands a fresh perspective on field operations.

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The processes of midstream industry like field processing, storage, transportation, and marketing find solutions in mobile technology. The highly structured platform of the midstream sector is ideal for the various templates of the mobile apps. They substantially boost the company’s proficiency and thus the returns.

Several ways how mobile technology is enhancing the charts of oil and gas midstream firms:

Managing real-time location of assets 

Oil is transported through road, rail, sea, and pipelines. During this process, the safety and security of operators and drivers and the competence of the supplying chain are essential to preserve. Also, the maintenance of the pipelines and the means of transport is a top priority.

Mobile applications can turn out to be your ultimate savior. The GIS/GPS tracking solutions allow the managing team to have a clear picture of the real-time location of oil and gas assets. They can easily find the whereabouts and the status of the process. Such know-hows enable precise financial reporting and supply estimates.

Making it easier to comply with health and safety regulations

Drivers can diminish the risk of delivery delays by determining the route with the least traffic and favorable weather conditions. Taking into consideration the safety of drivers and operators becomes much more cost-efficient by using mobile technology.

Mobilizing SCADA data to lessen response timings

Thousands of sensors keep a continuous check on the flow of oil traveling via pipelines. However, responding swiftly to a potential threat is of prime importance.

Is your management team quick enough to take the necessary actions? With mobile applications they can! The mobile technology offers real-time data, exponentially increasing the response to unfortunate yet possible incidents.

Decreasing asset downtime by mobilizing asset data

With relevant data readily available on your mobile device, the alert process and the response time to a failing asset can be much more efficient.

Tightening communication loops for critical information

Push notifications and communication between teams and their machines becomes simplified with mobile technology.

Creating detailed forecasts

Monitoring dashboards can provide an accurate report of how business is doing and detailed forecasts of the estimated performance.

Making safety walks actionable

For supervising field operations, safety walks are conducted every few hours to ensure safety protocols are being practiced. Instead of a safety walk, a mobile application can translate data into understandings for the supervisor allowing him to respond quickly to an incident. Real-time data is easily accessible through mobile oil and gas technology.

With mobile apps, take the opportunity to optimize your operations and develop the foundation for innovation! Make a smart move and transform your business strategies today!

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