The need for offline mobile apps in oil and gas industry

Imagine this situation – You have enabled your field technician with an online enterprise mobile app who is working in the oilfield out there. There is an immediate need to access asset data to productively continue his work. He takes out his mobile to check in the app. But tragedy strikes! His Internet connectivity signal dies!

Angry? Rattled? Concerned? All three maybe!

Internet connectivity impacting business for the oil and gas companies!

It comes without a doubt that a majority of work in the oil and gas industry is done away from the desk in the field. The field locations are mostly without cell service and Wi-Fi.

What is the use of digitalizing the gas industry and indulging in mobility tools when they turn out to be a complete waste in the hour of need?

A mobile app is not really mobile if it does not work offline! This is precisely where offline mobile app technology comes into the limelight!

Offline apps – Offline access to data anytime, anywhere!

Offline mobile apps ensure that you get to take full advantage of the mobility app, no matter if there is an Internet connectivity or not.

One of the most useful executions of an offline feature in apps is the ability to process business rules and execute data in offline mode. Whenever the user comes back in an Internet strong environment, the data is automatically synchronized with the system. It truly brings out the “online experience in offline mode”.

Your analytic services and insights will continue to churn out results that matter! Decision-making will not stop being quick and clever just because the connection is down!

Why should oil and gas sector choose offline app technology?

The oil and gas projects take the field technicians to locations where there in no trace of Internet connectivity. Here, the field operators will still need an access to workflow approvals, support operations, asset data, and analyzing of information extracted from the mobile. Thus, oil and gas service companies should consider mobile apps with offline features.

Some of the noteworthy advantages of offline apps are:

  • It ensures zero compromises or delays in field operations.
  • It protects data loss even when or where internet connectivity is absent.
  • It saves on costly roaming data service charges.
  • It speeds up the development and delivery of inspection and maintenance process.
  • It dramatically enhances productivity.
  • It provides rich data integration with the back-end system.
  • It provides an access to the system data even when offline.

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