Offline functionality – the need of the hour!

The oil and gas industry faces numerous challenges like cost containment, price volatility, worsening fiscal terms, uncertain energy policies and day-to-day operational complications. Success requires the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to such dynamic conditions!

Persistent low oil prices are compelling oil and gas companies to embrace technology and innovation to stay competitive. The processes and systems involved in the oil and gas business are highly complex and require state-of-the-art technology!

This brings forward the urgent need for a higher-than-ever operational efficiency while moving towards a sophisticated tech-centered process. A need for an online as well as an offline solution!

Offline Functionality – A Powerful Technology!

Offline mode of enterprise mobility apps is here to address the complex requirements of the oil and gas industry! It combines both flexible hardware and software to provide real-time data at the moment when it’s needed the most.

The result: Increased visibility across the organization along with an enhanced consistency and productivity!

With a central repository for all up-to-date asset history and data with an access from any device, offline technology offers security and efficiency on offshore platforms!

Offline Functionality – Facilitating Real-time Visibility!

It is not an uncommon scenario for field technicians and representatives to work in remote locations in an oil and gas industry. Such sites often face a restriction in network availability and connectivity. Inability to access data in such situations may result in missed opportunities and lost sales!

Offline mode in mobile apps empowers the field technician to address such situations by storing data in advance and retrieving them later when connectivity is unavailable. Documents can be stored in personal views or .pdf for offline usage.

Reliable and robust, the offline system provides a solution which exceeds the most stringent of the oil and gas offshore complications! It provides the representatives with automated personnel safety, access control systems, and workflow optimization solutions!

appsFreedom’s competent mobile apps and templates with offline features!

Position yourself as a standard-bearer in the oil and gas industry with appsFreedom’s mobility solutions. appsFreedom helps your oil and gas business grow and become the torchbearers for technology!

Digitize your business processes and have seamless integration between different platforms and field technicians. With options to enable secure offline storage of data on the mobile devices, appsFreedom has taken another step forward in making intelligence available anytime and anywhere!

Ready to streamline your oil and gas company’s workflows with appsFreedom’s offline technology?

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