An independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products ensures faster deployment with decreased costs

Industry: Oil & Gas
Employees: 13,000+
Solution: appsFreedomTM platform

The Challenge

With rising, global demand, highly volatile prices, and increasingly stringent environmental conditions, the oil and gas industry faces some major challenges. Reducing costs, optimizing the performance of the industrial assets, and improving the environmental footprint is always on the mind!

There is an urgent need to track the day-to-day activities of the technicians. Also, an insight into what they work on and how much time they utilize to complete the tasks is required. These reports need to be conveyed to the core back-end systems to ensure the managers have complete visibility into the on-field processes.

The current oil and gas procedures are convoluted with innumerable processes and stages involving reams of paperwork to be completed on each stage. This poses a major obstacle for the field technicians. They are caught up with heaps of paperwork which becomes cumbersome at the end of the day. The paperwork impedes them from being productive by not allowing them to visit more locations in a given day.

While enterprise mobility was identified as a reliable solution, the company faced a major hurdle as their locations were remote with just a spotty network coverage. Also, investing in other forms of satellite network coverage for a large pool of technicians was unviable.

The Solution

Mobilizing the maintenance and repair process

appsFreedom was identified as the best possible solution available in the market. The out-of-the-box capabilities and the ease offered by appsFreedom were incomparable.

appsFreedom’s ability to handle high data volume, data sync, and data orchestration all in offline mode was quite appreciated. The greatest feature provided was the power to customize the app to suit the company’s unique business process.

The Plant Maintenance app helped the company to:

  • Get a list of the work orders quickly
  • Go through the execution process competently
  • Effortlessly capture the time taken
  • Post the measurement documents and time taken to complete the task as part of the work order execution in SAP
  • Maintain a functional location and service capability where they could log
  • All of the above capabilities were enabled in offline mode
  • Enabled high-volume data processing
  • Ensured that data sync, data orchestration, conflict management, and error management are handled seamlessly

The app sent notifications when work was assigned to a field technician. This empowered the manager to set priorities according to the urgency and the importance of the work. appsFreedom enabled them to come up with a visual priority matrix to ensure the right tasks were prioritized.

appsFreedom was able to develop a visual matrix for the company. It delivered the most technically advanced and intuitive management system. The app empowered the technicians with the tools they needed to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations and maximize their profits.

Mobilizing the maintenance and repair process empowered the technicians with the tools they needed to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations and maximized their efficiency.

The Business Benefits

Faster deployment with decreased Costs

The time taken by appsFreedom to implement the solution was ⅓ of the previous solution. In comparison to other tools, the resources utilized by appsFreedom’s solution were ¼ of the previous solution.

Enhanced Efficiency

Operators could do more work after the deployment of appsFreedom’s solution as they did not depend upon the network. This resulted in greater operational efficiency and boosted productivity throughout the company.

Improved Usability

Sophisticated offline capabilities with high-volume data processing and relevant data sync and orchestration dramatically improved the company’s competence.