Oracle mobility apps for Oil and Gas Industry

Today, the name Oracle is synonymous with providing top quality software products that are being used across various industry verticals. Oracle software offerings are helping companies build their relational database management systems, help manage their information management, and are also actively providing cloud-based services.

Successfully combating competition from other companies, Oracle today owns several products and services in data management, supply chain management as well as in Oracle cloud software.

Even the extremely technical and highly competitive oil and gas companies globally are using Oracle mobile cloud solutions to increase their operational efficiency, manage their in-house talent, reduce operating costs, and also to become more data-driven. Oracle products and services provide the most secure and complete oil and gas cloud solutions to these companies worldwide.

Let’s take a look at how Oracle mobility solutions benefit the oil and gas industry –

Helping O&G companies gain an asset-driven supply chain

One of the most significant advantages of Oracle oil and gas mobility services provide is in supply and distribution planning. Oracle supply and distribution planning solutions help O&G companies align supply to demand requirements. Furthermore, it also enables them to provide an efficient response to any unexpected supply chain issues and challenges.

The Supply Planning Cloud product from Oracle helps supply planners cut down half of their time is spent on crafting plans, maximizing the use of their resources, and also leverage the best sources for components and materials.

Asset-driven supply chain products from Oracle mobility helps companies in:

1.Asset tracking

2. Inventory management

3. Advanced supply chain planning

4. Oracle enterprise performance management

5. Transportation management

Helps in Capital Project Management

Oracle enterprise mobility helps O&G companies improve their on-time and on-budget completion of all the capital projects. It allows managers to integrate their projects, resources, contracts, cost, and also provides content management all under one roof.

Workflow management and project insights, along with financial control and reporting, are also some of the insights provided by Oracle mobility cloud services.

Improves Financial Management and Control

Oracle mobility apps provide fully automated solutions that support an O&G company’s financial control and reporting – right from the creation of a transaction to managing the operations, to even consolidating and reporting their financial results.

Oracle mobility solutions helps provide healthy internal controls so that CEOs are not only saving time but also money. All this is done while providing accurate data to the customers as well.

appsFreedom – The backbone of Oracle Mobility Solutions

Here are the top benefits Oracle Mobility Solutions can bring to your business:

1. Complete digitization- appsFreedom along with Oracle mobile applications let you digitize your oil and gas business from end to end. Essentially, appsFreedom allows you immediate access to mission-critical business processes right up to the last mile, with no requirement of any special programming.

2. Manage logistics with Oracle- From field services, maintenance, and repair, to quality control and managing logistics as well as supply chain and transportation – appsFreedom works in partnership with Oracle enterprise mobility products to put the power of oil and gas operations in the hands of the company.

3. Complete integration- Moreover, appsFreedom provides a platform to integrate all the processes on a single dashboard to provide a comprehensive and in-depth approach which enables company leaders to provide actionable insights. It helps company CEOs to optimize operations across the entire customer lifecycle, from sales to service to marketing – appsFreedom along with Oracle mobility applications streamlines every aspect of an O&G company.

4. Offline functionality- Lastly, appsFreedom also offers offline functionality and an easy to understand interface for users as the Oracle mobile applications are used by employees from all divisions thus, helping them to quickly get adapted.

If you want to revolutionize your oil and gas operations, then the low code development provided by appsFreedom is the partner you need.