The oil and gas sector is facing a colossal transformation. Due to several challenges, the industry is shifting towards new operational approaches. Industry experts are always researching and looking for ways to reduce risks while achieving optimal utilization through production and mobility. 

With the perfect collaboration of technology and functionality – production and enterprise mobility optimization are certainly possible. 

Now, what is product and mobility optimization?

In simple words, production and mobility optimization refers to activities of assessing, exploring and executing the new business approach and mobile strategies which help in increasing business productivity along with reducing risk on the field. 

Mobile solutions give the oil and gas industry new freedom and approach to maximize their production. The software helps in making quick and better decisions by providing real-time information and reducing the gap between field and office. 

How can you optimize productivity?

Production optimization is the need of the hour with resources depleting quickly in the industry. Adjusting to a low oil price environment has forced businesses to shift their priorities. To remain competitive in the oil and gas sector, a new framework is required. 

Following are the ways which can help you address production optimization at every stage- 


1. To recognize the challenges, real-time data and information are required. Production surveillance carefully helps you study the data collected from on and off-field, reservoir, wells and process plants. It gives you a clear and elaborate picture of glitches and mistakes in the process. 

2. Real-time information through product surveillance ensures that you make effective decisions in the business.  Successful recognition of the breakdown incident will help you improve your approach which will lead to improving the company’s bottom line. 


1. A Shifting environment has made the oil and gas industry focus on maximizing efficiency. In the industry where the production of oil has always touched the sky while the prices are decreasing every day, changing the approach for an efficient business is quintessential.

2. Better information collection, sharing and transfer lead to better operational decisions by decreasing the communication gap between the office and field. 


1. Providing valuable insight into the industry, an asset management system will help in increasing productivity through perfect forecasts. 

2. Research, analyze and optimize the production process, reservoir, wells and fields to gain the best out of the assets.  


1. Recognizing and researching the challenges does not make any difference until and unless successful techniques are implemented. Combined knowledge and technology ensure the optimization of the whole system. 

2. Study and execute changes in the existing policies and approach for maximum optimization. 

3. Upgrade your facilities to efficiently manage resources such as water, electricity and manpower. 

4. After production optimization, it is equally necessary to implement enterprise mobility solutions for optimization in oil and gas sector

How can you optimize with mobility solutions?

Mobile solutions in the oil and gas industry have helped increase cost savings for companies. Connecting field and office seamlessly through real-time information, mobile solution is a step towards unlocking the opportunities of optimization.


1. Ditch the traditional paper-pen checklist. This will save time and reduce the amount of paperwork. Change your approach of supervising, filling forms, reports, and other day-to-day operational items.  

2. Introduce mobile devices in the field and save time by entering data directly into applications.


1. Optimize productivity and keep a track of field, raw materials and equipment through mobile apps. Keep a track of your equipment and materials and take care of all the billing functions through an automated process. 

2. Mobility optimization gives you the freedom to track work progress, automate billing and record implicitly. It gives you the freedom to lease operators so that they can focus on product optimization,  reduce time and curtails cost. 


1. Field and office in oil and industry comprise of different operators, contractors, workers and services companies on site. Simplifying the process of sharing data through enterprise mobility can help companies reduce the time for a decision to travel. This also affects the time and quality to make decisions. 

2. Make sure that everyone is on the same page through easy logistics and communication. Mobile applications support the business with systematic network connectivity. 

We Need to Adopt a Sustainable Approach!

Prepare strong and sustainable optimization strategies to reap the benefits of the oil and gas industry in the long run. A sustainable approach will not only lead to a change in the industry, but it will also lead to efficiency, increased value and upgraded systems.

To stay strong and competitive in the oil and gas sector, it is necessary to shift towards product and mobility optimization techniques. appsFreedom helps you implement mobility and production solutions for optimization in the O&G industry. With offline functionality, user-friendly low-code platform based mobile apps and high-volume data processing, they help you become the leaders in your industry.