Reasons the oil and gas industry should embrace mobile technology!

Digital trends and technological advancements have made an eye-catching footprint on practically every aspect of modern life.

Various businesses are taking undue advantage of tablets and smartphones to accomplish the workflow, streamline their work procedures, and increase productivity. Enterprise mobile solutions are making innovative alterations in the professional business processes.

Industrial analysts predict that the oil and gas industry will soon embrace the mobile technology. They will develop their own enterprise solutions to mend their existing operations!

Mobility in oil and gas production is not just a norm, but a necessity for an accomplishment!

According to IQPC, it’s predicted that the oil and gas industry alone will spend $8 billion on enterprise mobile applications. These applications will include field application software, mobile supply chain software, enterprise mobility, mobile inventory software, etc.

The oil and gas industry has been late in grabbing the benefits that enterprise mobility offers! The technology is already there! The trends towards BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobile device integration are only going to propagate!

Simply indulge in these benefits mobile technology has to offer.

Streamlining of Business Processes

Scheduling of fieldwork by planners is often done on the desktop. The field technician after getting notified of this job performs the necessary tasks and completes the work by entering the time in the system. However, while executing this work, the field technician needs access to the equipment data, replacement parts, capture readings, etc.

All of these including job assignment, job performance, capturing time, etc. can be mobile enabled. Getting real-time visibility of all these jobs at the back-office is very valuable. It automatically connects with the other aspects of the processes.

Thus, the complete operation of scheduling the field work along with its implementation becomes more proficient in the oil and gas industry.

Through integrating the cutting-edge mobile expertise, the connectivity between each segment becomes more proficient. With mobile enterprise solutions, the latest information can be stored digitally, which enables rapid decision-making and automating workflows.

The organization can save a lot of money and time when its business process is firmly streamlined!

Effortless Capturing of Field Data

There was a time when field personnel collected field data through pen and paper! They could only input the data after returning to their offices. Definitely a slow and a burdensome process!

With the emergence of mobile app development platform, data collection is now digital and competent. Integrated services have made it easier and faster for all the sectors to gain access to their data.

Is your field work often offshore? Is it always a hassle to sync the collected data into your system? No problem! Offline working is now straightforward and accessible!

You can work in full offline mode for hours and days too. All the collected data can be easily synced back to the core business systems as soon as the connectivity is available. The information can be relayed and analyzed effortlessly by any required colleague.

The analysis and communication are made easier and faster!

Improvement of the Maintenance Process

The most crucial task for an oil and gas agency is to immediately address varied technical issues during maintenance checks.

Enterprise mobile apps can record events that can be promptly examined and addressed by the engineers. Thus the efficiency of the maintenance process augments. The organization can precisely schedule upkeeps and allocate the optimum manpower and materials at the site.

Operational efficiency has a straight influence on the company’s aptitude to maintain a productive pipeline! That makes a difference between the revenue lost or earned!

Allowing Real-time Operation Viewing

Enterprise mobility services have permitted project managers to view field operation from their offices in real-time. The records gathered can also be relayed back to the workplace.

This allows supervisors or managers to efficiently react to any complications and take on-the-spot decisions instantaneously.

Real-time operation viewing enhances production optimization!

Geolocation Attributes

Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are equipped with GPS technology that allows for geolocation.

When the device is on, your location can be easily detected by other individuals. The organization can simply pinpoint the location of their engineers, technicians, and field personnel in case of emergencies or evacuations.

An oil and gas company can advance their safety procedures through geolocation and various fields of technology!

Engaging of Employees

By providing your employees the apparatus to report and log events right in their pockets, they are more likely to engage in communications.

Paperwork is tedious and not always convenient. Having the ability to report back with a few swipes increases employee engagement and awareness.

The enhanced involvement of employees betters your worksites!

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