Sales goes mobile to speed deal cycles and improve customer response time

Industry: Global Engineering & Infrastructure Software Company
Employees: 3,000 worldwide
Solution: appsFreedomTM platform

The Challenge

Infrastructure keeps the world running, and while many might take it for granted, there’s one company that does not. From bridges and skyscrapers to highways, industrial plants, mass transit systems and much more, this global software company has provided architecture
and engineering software solutions to the world’s leading design firms for nearly thirty years. The company’s software supports projects around the world with a growing team of global field sales reps who manage sales cycles using SAP’s CRM module.

As the new economy emerged and the workforce became mobile enabled, sales people were
increasingly frustrated with managing the deal process and customer lifecycle within complex SAP screens that could only be accessed from the desktop. Over time, sales reps used the system less and less, finding work-arounds to manage daily tasks. With less system
data, management had little visibility into real-time field activity, and reps could no longer rely on data accuracy as they worked through customer interactions and deal cycles.

The Solution

The appsFreedom team deployed its pre-built sales app template built for smartphones and tablet devices. The user-friendly app guides sales reps through the mandatory screens in just a few clicks and simplifies data entry for everyday CRM functions. With such a simple design and easy mobile access while on the road, sales rep adoption and usage increased immediately. As data accuracy and integrity improved, management could get a holistic, real-time view of field operations from their mobile devices too.

Now with anytime access to an intuitive mobile CRM experience, field reps are able to be more responsive to customers and prospects, helping to speed deal cycles and improve satisfaction levels across the globe. Managers can make faster, more informed decisions about sales and business strategies, and use that intelligence for a new level of competitive advantage.

appsFreedomTM delivers new levels of speed, data accuracy and field intelligence by giving sales reps and management intuitive, mobile access to a full-featured CRM app from anywhere. Deals close faster. Customers are happier. Management is smarter.

The Business Benefits

Faster Sales Cycles

The user-friendly system was adopted quickly by the global sales team. Now with mobile access to a full-featured CRM with accurate data, field reps can respond faster to customer and prospect inquiries, better track deal status, and take valuable time and cost out of the sales cycle.

Holistic View of Field Intelligence

Business growth happens when management can make faster, more informed decisions about deals, markets and competition.
With a holistic, real-time view of field activity, management can make confident, forward-thinking decisions about how to navigate their future.

Improved Customer Experience

New levels of productivity, collaboration and responsiveness across the sales and management teams have translated into direct improvements in the customer experience and satisfaction. Such impact will have long-term, lasting
effects on business success.