Streamlining Material Master in oil and gas industry

For oil and gas industries, data is coming in constantly from numerous sources into a plethora of different systems. Managing this data is one hell of a mammoth task because data often remains a tangled mess!

Master data is one of the most important and critical data assets out there today. The benefits of having a streamlined material master are vast and it has become a critical factor for oil and gas companies.

However, Material Master also has some downfalls which seriously affects the efficiency and workability of it. Let’s have a closer look.

The Complications of Maintaining Material Master

Creating consistent material descriptions and adding new materials in ERP is a time-consuming and stressful procedure. It usually encompasses product planning, material requirements, costs, finance, plant owners, sales organizations, etc.

The countless number of processes and different individuals working on different procedures result in a plentiful of errors. These errors include duplicate records and the presence of inaccurate and incomplete data listings.

Such faults can be like speed bumps in managing the huge data streams for a streamlined production process. Inaccurate data can seriously undermine the strategic and competitive needs of a company and hamper the company’s operations.

A Way out of These Problems With appsFreedom!

Employing sophisticated systems to eliminate redundant data and ensure a constant level of data quality is the only solution to overcome such complications. An integrated data management system that verifies data at every step and gives organizations an overview of the supply chain!

appsFreedom provides a proficient solution to the oil and gas industry for managing large inventories of materials. It empowers companies with a flexible method when creating and maintaining material master data.

Simply gather data and resources from different sources and groups and create proficient and systematic workflows with the help of easy Mobile and web apps. Each individual responsible for contributing data has its own personalized view, related to their relevant subset, to work on.

And you know what the fascinating part is? One-click validation for uploading data to your ERP system, with no re-keying required!

With appsFreedom’s Material Master Solution, get set for a differentiated experience!

Streamline business processes and reduce costs by collecting, managing, and integrating critical data directly into their ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, etc. With appsFreedom, balance inventory levels, eliminate waste, reduce errors, and keep ahead of the competitors!

The various characteristics of appsFreedom’s Material Master are:

  • Data Validation: Effortlessly validate various kinds of master data requests at the time they are being entered, against rules inside and outside of ERP
  • Mass Maintenance: There is no need of programming while performing material maintenance. It can be directly done using Mobile or Web apps
  • Data Governance: Generate governance procedures for reviewing and approving item modification requests, based on roles and traceable material, to different stakeholders
  • Process Analytics: Easily monitor and track procedures for visibility into performance levels. The gained insight ensures comprehensive accountability with audit trails for every ERP material/item master data transaction

Integrate Your Supplier Data into Material Master with appsFreedom today!

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