The Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Designing an Agile Mobile Enterprise


As with all prior technologies, whenever the time comes to incorporate new technology into the corporate fabric, the onus and responsibility falls on the enterprise architect. They have to consider the benefits of all the stakeholders, business units, and IT to ensure it is sustainable, manageable, and scalable.

It is no different with mobility. 
This guide will help the architect design a mobility strategy for an agile enterprise. A strategy that will empower IT to deliver solutions faster, and give Line of Business stakeholders the solutions and functionality they require in their mobile apps. And how to do it with a higher mobility ROI.

What You’ll Get From This Guide:

  • The State of Mobile Enterprise
  • Problems Enterprise Architects Face with Mobility
  • How to implement a mobile strategy the right way
  • How to Focus IT on the Right Activities
  • Activities for Line of Business Stakeholders
  • How to Future-Proof Agile Enterprise Technology