The Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Mission Critical Apps


Every organization has mission critical business process and when it comes to mobilizing them the onus and responsibility falls on the enterprise architect. They have to consider the benefits of all the stakeholders, business units, and IT to ensure it is sustainable, manageable, and scalable.

A mission critical app needs to function without network availability, for extended period of time with guaranteed data delivery, data consistency and reliability.
This guide will help the architect design a mobility strategy for an agile enterprise. A strategy that will empower IT to deliver mission critical apps that has seamless functionality regardless of network status, strength or other variables. This guide will help IT architects to deploy mobility solutions that communicates seamlessly with backend applications, reliably and consistently, every time, as and when the network is available, provide enterprise grade error handling and audit capabilities, without compromising on the user experience.

What You’ll Learn From This Guide:

  • How to design an Offline App for Extended Network loss
  • How to securely store offline mobile data
  • Data synchronization strategies that guarantees delivery of all relevant data
  • Data orchestration strategies
  • How to build conflict resolution capabilities and error handling strategies
  • Offline authentication