The power of SAP meets the freedom and simplicity of the iPad

Industry: Industrial, defense and workforce outsourcing
Employees: 24,000 worldwide
Solution: appsFreedomTM platform

The Challenge

Since the early 1900’s, the company has built a reputation for meeting the more complex technical challenges of more than 1,300 commercial and government customers across the globe. The company’s diverse range of industrial, defense and workforce outsourcing solutions have made it one of the most successful, privately-held businesses in the world.

But the increasing demands on the company’s busy workforce – many of whom travel often – were making it increasingly difficult for them to access SAP on the road. Screens and workflows were complex to navigate and inconvenient to access while traveling. System use was declining, management had little insight into sales activity, and high ticket purchase orders (required to keep projects moving forward) were often getting stalled. Such delays were impacting customer satisfaction and cash flow. Sales reps did not have timely, accurate data on customers and prospect activity to better manage deal and customer inquiries.

The Solution

The appsFreedom team deployed its ready-to-use deployed and customized its pre-built procurement & sales app templates. The apps are seamlessly integrated to the company’s on-premise SAP system, offering fast, real time access to CRM features as well as purchase orders, requisitions and related process workflow documents.

Now with an icon on their iPad home screen that launches the apps instantly, employees and executives can get everyday work done in SAP from anywhere. Adoption rates are exceptional, and the increased system use and data integrity is driving faster sales cycles, improved customer satisfaction, new levels of productivity and faster, more informed strategic
decision making.

Deployed in just weeks, these apps offer easy access for managing CRM activity and purchase orders in SAP from the iPad. Now the company is driving faster sales cycles, improved customer satisfaction and faster, more informed decision making across the globe.

The Business Benefits

Shorter Sales Cycles

The appsFreedom cloud-based apps provide easy access to SAP anytime, anywhere, helping to improve customer response times, speed deal cycles, streamline purchase order and requisition approvals, and improve business intelligence across the board. Such efficiencies are translating into improvements to the
bottom line.

Ultimate Usability

Executives and sales reps no longer have to find an office and network connected desktop computer to access the system and manage high ticket requests. They also no longer need to navigate the complex SAP user interface. System adoption is high and data accuracy is dramatically improved.

Fast, Measurable ROI

The apps were deployed in just weeks with a native iPad app that offers secure SAP access. The solution is fully integrated into the company’s on-premise SAP system for real-time, bi-directional access. Rapid deployment means fast ROI and low maintenance costs, both now and in the future.