Trace and Track deliveries in real-time using mobile apps

For goods and service oriented businesses, office-bound operations simply aren’t the norm. On the contrary, the average day sees employees constantly on the move to a myriad of client locations. For managers, the dynamic nature of the job poses the question of how to track and trace deliveries. Obviously, one manager can’t physically oversee deliveries made my multiple drivers simultaneously. This is where mobile applications are an invaluable tool.

Confirm goods have been delivered to recipient

Run a tight ship by using mobile apps to ensure that all goods or services are delivered to customers as planned. When dealing with multiple clients and employees, it’s all too easy to let the occasional delivery slip through the net. With mobile apps on your team, you can make sure that nothing and no one goes unnoticed.

Minimise operational costs

By tracking all deliveries in real time, you’ll be able to gain valuable data from the productivity of your operations. For example, if two different drivers make separate deliveries to clients that are more or less neighbouring each other, apps can be used to flag this pattern as unproductive. You can then review schedules and ensure that drivers don’t waste time backtracking to locations that their nearby counterparts could have serviced. This is a guaranteed way to slash your fuel spends.

Improve customer service

Offering customers up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of their goods is a sure-fire way to improve satisfaction. Mobile apps can also be used to track arrival times, improve performance and make sure no deliveries are unreasonably late.

Maintain productivity on the road

Delivery drivers spend very little time in the office which means managers must implement solutions that allow them to stay productive on the road. By developing customised in-house apps, you can ensure that all your staff are kept in the loop, regardless of whether or not they’re on the road or back at the warehouse. Mobile apps can also be used to allow them to input delivery data on the go.

Whatever your team is delivering, mobile apps are a failsafe way to track and trace movements in real time. For more information on how we can help your IT department develop custom built, delivery centric solutions, give us a call today. We’re renowned as the world’s most advanced enterprise mobility platform, with app development technology that’s more than capable of keeping up with the pace of modern business needs.