Why upstream oil and gas mobile technology means improved productivity

The upstream global mining industry is certainly under immense pressure. Falling commodity prices are squeezing cash flow and the outcome is grim! It’s time to accelerate decisions, processes, and modifications for the upstream oil and gas companies!

With decreasing profits, upstream oil and gas miners are keen on improving their productivity. Digital innovation could provide the necessary breakthrough!

Mobile expertise is the answer for the upstream sector!

Achieving a development on productivity demands some strategizing and rethinking on how mining works. The potential to achieve such a breakthrough is now coming through digital and technology innovations that are transforming the aspects of mining.

Mobile technology through mobile apps can revolutionize the operational environment. With the rising demands for productivity and efficiency, mobile solutions can help upstream oil companies to enhance their processes.

But the question is how? Well, take a look at how enterprise mobility can positively improve your upstream processes!

Monitoring Production

Wondering what are the production levels for your drilled wells? Mobile apps can assist!

Being away from the well, you can easily access and monitor the production levels on all wells by accessing your mobile app. Also, the graphical representations and systematically designed charts sort all your information while you are on the go!

Real-time data can be synced to the central system by the field workers from the field in no time. Thus, the production reports can be made real quick!

You can effortlessly monitor all your drilling operations through your app’s dashboard from almost anywhere!

Managing Assets

Mobile apps can make sure that all your equipment is running smoothly without any hindrances. It keeps your workers safe and alert throughout the day in the field. Addressing field emergencies quickly becomes stress-free with enterprise mobility!

Mobile solutions enable rapid responses to unforeseen risks on assets and thus help in their timely maintenance. Mobility permits team managers to rapidly assign the nearest worker to fix the equipment if needed.

Mobile apps can accelerate the scheduling and completion on maintenance work thus inducing productive functioning of assets!

Managing Materials

Mobile solutions can assist in the procurement and reordering of materials. You can thus make sure that your workforce never goes out of any resources!

Through a better capturing and analysis of data, mobile apps can positively impact the upstream processes!

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