V4.2 – Data storage & apps generation

appsFreedom V4.2 – Data storage & apps generation

SaaS – Database Adapters

Database adapters are available to connect to cloud database applications, i.e. any SaaS applications that give access to its databases via the cloud.

SaaS – FTP Adapters

The platform comes with FTP/File adapters to read and write files from 3rd party cloud applications. These adapters are typically used to transfer files as required by the app.

Unstructured Data

The appsFreedom Platform comes with an inbuilt module, called the Freedom Drive, to store all documents and files. It’s a pre-built module that is available but optional to use based on app requirements. It is designed to store and manage documents for enterprise mobile access. It comes with all file management capabilities such as version management, access management, user and role management, upload/download of files via Freedom Apps.

App Generation

The appsFreedom Platform provides container app generation capabilities. Multiple Container (native) apps can generated per company with capabilities such as form-factor splash screens, Freedom Apps assignment, over-the-air deployments, etc.

Private Cloud Deployment

The appsFreedom Platform can be deployed in the customer’s choice of cloud.

On-Premise Deployment

The appsFreedom platform is available to be deployed inside the customer’s firewall using the on- premise deployment option.