Why Your Oil and Gas Firm Needs to Consider Developing an Inventory Mobile App?

Operating within an increasingly competitive environment, the Oil and Gas sector is facing new challenges every day. The heavily regulated industry is operating within complex global and domestic frameworks. Additionally, oil and gas companies have to deal with the risk of doing business in new geographical regions.

The rapidly growing industry is battling with the need to manage, control, and track inventory. With oil and gas transactions taking place on a global scale and across multiple locations, it is impossible to manually enter, track, and count the inventory.

That’s why we need ERP Inventory Management.

Relying on inventory management, tracking, and controlling methods from any location in the world has now become possible with the ease of development of inventory mobile apps. There are hundreds of inventory management apps that are available to keep track of all your business activities. Oil and gas companies around the world are witnessing a profound shift in this demand. In fact, we observe the demand shifting away from a stand-alone mobile solution to solutions that are integrated into sector-specific enterprise systems. This shifting trend from a single app to integrated solutions recognize that the workflow and system requirements are far beyond the scope of the easily available off-the-shelf software systems.

Inventory mobile apps can help the Oil and Gas industry in the following ways:

Streamlined Asset Management

Companies in the O&G sector need to cover all the processes related to the efficient maintenance of off-shore and onshore assets. This includes maintenance management, work order management, engineering data management, and assets and inventory management.

Inventory mobile apps will deliver several benefits by allowing you to process a rapid response to any unforeseen challenges and also carry out timely preventive maintenance. They allow to keep tabs on current supplies and also help you forecast your future requirements.

Accelerate Scheduling

From well and drill rig maintenance to vehicle maintenance and pipeline construction, oil and gas inventory management apps can accelerate the completion of several activities. This is because these inventory apps will help in keeping a track on the availability and scheduling of materials required for the maintenance. Additionally, they also help in monitoring workers’ access to all tools, parts, and other confidential information.

Warehouse Management

Oil and gas companies can benefit greatly from inventory apps and also save costs by using mobile apps for warehouse management. Inventory apps let you manage inventory flow from one warehouse to another, through various branches, and multiple locations. With the help of inventory apps, you can also get easy access to a batch-wise inventory from your warehouses.

Materials Management

Mobile apps can be used for managing functions related to materials management such as reordering, procurement, collection, quality assurance, quality control inspections, and also carry out stock transfer orders.

Track your Goods Movement                                                                          

A proficient Oil and Gas inventory management mobile app allows you to confirm the goods issued from various stores and warehouses. So, tracking the movement of the goods is much easier for a field technician. Moreover, such apps can also be integrated with any backend application and an inventory manager. With features such as GPS, Camera, search, and bar-code scanning, appsFreedom allows you to deploy any type of app within a short timeframe of just 2-3 weeks.

appsFreedom – Enterprise Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

appsFreedom can help you digitize all your remote field operations, right up to the last mile. Providing end-to-end digitization, appsFreedom can help you integrate even the remotest operating site with your back-office operations without having to depend on network availability.

With an inventory partner such as appsFreedom which provides integrated app solutions, you no longer have to face the challenges of building customized enterprise apps from scratch. appsFreedom can help draft mobile application solutions to meet all your business needs.