What if mobile apps in the oil and gas sector could expedite accurate tracking, improve productivity, optimize operations and deliver better customer services?

In the oil and gas sector where maintaining margin is a constant war, mobile technologies empower the industry by giving us the scope to monitor the operations more transparently and deliver end-to-end services even in remote areas. Mobility solutions provide the oil and gas industry with a contemporary approach to maintain paperless inventory and manage their operations. 

Flexible access to information and quick response to on-field technicians using mobile applications redefine the entire process of the business. Be it tracking people or providing real-time information – mobile devices hasten the growth of oil and gas sector.

Integrating mobile solutions into the business helps oil and gas companies create enhanced valuable business acumens which result in a higher level of competence and dexterity.

For further understanding, let us look at some of the key benefits of workforce mobile solutions in the oil and gas industry.


Information is an important asset of the oil and gas industry. The efficient flow and exchange of data facilitate operational success. Mobile devices and advanced technologies can provide real-time information on and off the field. 

Efficient information shared this way enhances the workflow processes as well. Moreover, the flow also improves the competence of workers and enables quick decision-making during emergency situations. 


Through real-time information sharing, visibility into operations escalates. Mobile technological solutions that are incorporated in the business can effectually manage the extensively disseminated assets and employees of the oil and gas industry. 

By offering mobile technology in various forms, employees are more alert which improves the precision of work. 


Even offline functionality is available, it is easier to perform inspections of assets in remote areas through mobility solutions. Mobile technologies also help in conducting evaluations and analyzing real-time data. 

Such offline evaluation approach enables the oil and gas industry to resolve the problems proactively and manage the asset efficiently. It also facilitates immediate recognition of dangerous zones and directs workers to take necessary measures.


Implementation of mobile applications and advanced technology enable employees to take quick and smart decisions. The key stakeholders can access real-time information through mobile solutions and respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations. 

Also, the applications enable them to visualize records through graphs and provide a detailed understanding of operational performance.


Mobile applications can help field engineers significantly improve efficiency and help them take suitable safety measures while working in risky areas. Through effective mobile solutions, they are able to access safety instructions, guidelines and videos quickly. Better competence and productivity will eventually lead to a better return on investment. 

appsFreedom – Providing Workforce Mobile Solutions for O&G 

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Moreover, with appsFreedom’s capability to offer offline functionality and easy to understand UI/UX, your employees are always one step ahead when it comes to reporting or taking initiative in matters of emergency. 

appsFreedom is a platform which transforms the approach of dealing in Oil and Gas industry and makes it easy and manageable for you and your team.