appsFreedom for Oracle

Extend the power of Oracle upto the last mile, faster than ever

Develop mission critical apps 20X faster and leverage the power of Oracle digital core together with appsFreedom on any device, with or without connectivity

Empower your business with mission critical applications

appsFreedom is the most powerful and easy solution to deliver cross-platform Oracle mobile solutions up to the last mile where network connectivity is at a premium, with no programming required, in 1/3rd of the time with 1/3rd of the resources.

Oracle has the most comprehensive suite of enterprise applications since its inception. Over the years enterprises have leveraged Oracle’s formidable range of applications to improve productivity across CRM, ERP, SCM, and HCM. While the benefits of these products are percolating into your business, your business would have felt the need for custom applications that combines the power of all the varied solutions to the last mile where your field services personnel are empowered with these applications.

Oracle, the world leader in enterprise applications, and appsFreedom with its world’s most sophisticated offline solution have joined forces to help enterprises in combining the power of Oracle solutions and empowering field personnel to deliver ROI right at the field level till the end of the process. appsFreedom’s visual development and full app lifecycle support enable developers to deliver apps 20 times faster than traditional development approaches. These apps can seamlessly integrate with Oracle systems, data and services, and run instantly on Oracle Cloud Platform.

Top features


Offline capable apps

appsFreedom is the only platform that enables high-volume data processing, data syncing and error management in offline mode. This enables users to be productive for hours & days without any connectivity


Leverage all mobile device sensors

appsFreedom provides out-of-the-box support to all add-on mobile devices and sensors including signature capture, wi-fi-enabled printers, pre-built bluetooth & IoT adapters, barcode scanning using both the mobile camera as well as hand-held scanners

Accelerated development

The appsFreedom Platform provides a code-less, model-driven approach to app development. The development platform is designed for non-professional programmers & developers to quickly build and deploy apps to solve real-world, complex business challenges

Full lifecycle management

The appsFreedom platform supports full app lifecycle management activities – app design, app development, testing and QA cycles, deployment & rollout, post-rollout metrics, app enhancements and app retirement

Rapid and secure integration

The Platform provides a comprehensive, fast & reliable integration capability through its ‘Integration Builder Tool’. This simple, drag-n-drop, browser based tool allows the developer to build business logics as well as integrate to backend cloud and on-premise business applications without any IDE’s to be installed in computers or browsers

Enterprise grade security

The appsFreedom platform offers multiple layers of security through a highly secure & encrypted communication

Composite apps

The appsFreedom platform can generate composite apps, i.e. one single app, with a single user-interface can integrate to multiple backend business applications. This allows users to navigate across multiple backend business applications without having to switch apps or even know that they are actually working on multiple backend business applications.

Scalable infrastructure

The appsFreedom Platform is cloud-native and is designed ground-up for the cloud. It ensures unlimited scalability on demand, extreme reliability and improved manageability
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